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Sanity Asset Source Plugin: Imageshop

Imageshop is a complete Digital Asset Management system (DAM system) for organizing and sharing images, videos and documents. This plugin integrates Imageshop image picker neatly into Sanity, so that you can access all your company's images inside Sanity CMS with only one click. You can also upload photos to Imageshop without leaving Sanity.

This is a Sanity Studio v3 plugin. If you are still on sanity V2, see the V2 plugin here



npm install @imageshop-org/sanity-plugin-asset-source-imageshop


Add it as a plugin in sanity.config.ts (or .js):

import {defineConfig} from 'sanity'
import {imageShopAsset} from '@imageshop-org/sanity-plugin-asset-source-imageshop'

export default defineConfig({
  plugins: [

Note When using the plugin for the first time, a popup will show where you provide your Imageshop API key. The API key will be stored securely in your sanity db using the @sanity/secrets package.


There are many ways to configure the interface for image selection.

Configuration key Description Type Default value
imageMaxSize Max size of the image returned from imageshop to sanity. Format: WxH string 2048x2048
imageAlias Imageshop alias for permalink of image string "Large"
imageShopInterfaceName Standard interface used when searching images. string
imageShopDocumentPrefix Standard document code prefix used when uploading images. string
culture Language for the client. Supports en-US and nb-NO. Norwegian is default (nb-NO) string "nb-NO"
profileId Name of a profile, which has to be created by Imageshop, which will return several different sizes and aspect ratios. IMAGESHOPSIZE can not be used together with a profile, and showing size dialogue or crop dialogue doesn't make sense when using profiles. string
requiredUploadFields String indicating upload fields which are required, separated by comma. Possible values: name, description, rights, credits, tags string
uploadFieldLanguages List of languages which should be shown for name, description etc. Default = no,en. string
sanityAssetTextLanguage What language to store in sanity, from the title, description and credit fields string "no"

Enable multi batch upload

If you have an array of type image, you can enable multi batch upload like this with the options.batchUpload set to true.

If batchUpload is enabled, another button will appear, which allows you to select multiple images and add them to the array.

const imagesField = {
  name: 'images',
  title: 'Images',
  type: 'array',
  options: {
    batchUpload: true
  of: [
      name: 'image',
      type: 'image',
      title: 'Image',
      options: {
        hotspot: true
      validation: Rule => [Rule.required().error('Image is required')],

Enable multi language text selection

If your sanity have multiple language you need to implement a language resolver, we need to know where to get the texts from in imageshop.

  languageResolver: () => {
    // This really depends on how you have implemented some kind of language context in sanity, where user
    // can switch language based on a select menu.

    // Here you can get the current language in e.g. localstorage in your sanity client. 
    // Then you return a valid imageshop language based on this.
    // example:
    const currentLanguage = "nb";  // get from localstorage ?

    if (currentLanguage == "nb") {
      return "no";

    // Default return some language that is valid.
    return "no";

Custom fields for multiuploaded images

If you want to assign custom fields on the image object, you can create a custom field-mapper, which you can get texts from imageshop and then transfer the texts to the sanity image objects fields.

  // Should return the sanityAssetDocumentProps after it's transformed.
  // imageShopData = data from imageshop. 
  // sanityAssetDocumentProps = the sanity image asset document props
  fieldMapper: (sanityAssetDocumentProps, imageShopData) => {
    // Do custom mapping of fields here. Example:
    console.log({ sanityAssetDocumentProps, imageShopData })

    sanityAssetDocumentProps.altText = imageShopData?.text.no.title
    sanityAssetDocumentProps.creditLine = imageShopData?.text.no.credits

    return sanityAssetDocumentProps

The imageShopData object the image data that is stored in imageshop. The object contains the following data:

type ImageShopAsset = {
  documentId: string
  code: string
  extraInfo: null | string
  AuthorName: null | string
  image: {
    file: string
    width: number
    height: number
    thumbnail: string
  text: {
    [k: string]: {
      title: string
      description: string
      rights: string
      credits: string
      tags: string
      categories: string[]
  InterfaceList: Array<{
    InterfaceID: number
    InterfaceName: string
  profile: any


MIT © Imageshop AS

Develop & test

# in this project
npm run link-watch

# in another sanity installation
npx yalc add @imageshop-org/sanity-plugin-asset-source-imageshop && npx yalc link @imageshop-org/sanity-plugin-asset-source-imageshop && npm install

This plugin uses @sanity/plugin-kit with default configuration for build & watch scripts.

See Testing a plugin in Sanity Studio on how to run this plugin with hotreload in the studio.



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