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The AbstractMangedComponent is an extension of the IMA's AbstractComponent, providing API for easier registration of DOM, event bus, dispatcher, timeout and interval listeners, which are automatically bound to the component's instance (this) and are automatically deregistered from the componentWillUnmount() callback (unless completed or manually deregistered prior to the callback's execution).

This also applies to the event listeners bound to the elements rendered by the component - components extending the AbstractManagedComponent will have them automatically bound to this, as is the case with components created by the React.createClass API.


Install the plugin as an npm module:

npm install --save @ima/plugin-managed-component

Next you need to add the plugin to your vendors. Open the app/build.js file of your IMA application, and add the following element to the vendors.common array:

// /app/build.js

var vendors = {
	common: [

With that the build process is configured and you may start using this plugin
(you may need to restart your `dev` process):

import AbstractManagedComponent from '@ima/plugin-managed-component';

export default class MyReactComponent extends AbstractManagedComponent {
  constructor(props, context) {
    super(props, context);
    this.state = {
      count: 0

  render() {
    return (
      <div className='my-react-component'>
        You have pressed the button {this.state.count} times.
        <button onClick={this.onButtonClicked}>
          Press me!

  componentDidMount() {
  	this.addDomListener(window, 'scroll', this.onScroll);
  	this.listen(this, 'customEventBusEvent', this.onNotified);
  	this.addDispatcherListener('userSignedIn', this.onUserSignedIn);
  	this.setTimeout(this._handleRunningTooLong, 60000);
  	this.setInterval(this._handleTick, 1000);

  componentWillUnmount() {
  	super.componentWillUnmount(); // Optional, will be handled automatically
  	// There is no need to do the following, this will be handled automatically
  	this.removeDomListener(window, 'scroll', this.onScroll);
  	this.unlisten(this, 'customEventBusEvent', this.onNotified);
  	this.removeDispatcherListener('userSignedIn', this.onUserSignedIn);
  onButtonClicked(event) {
      count: this.state.count + 1

  onScroll(event) {}

  onNotified(event) {}

  onUserSignedIn(eventData) {}

  _handleTick() {}

  _handleRunningTooLong() {}

Implementation details

The AbstractManagedComponent overrides, if necessary, the componentWillUnmount method, that executes the client code's overriding implementation first, and the AbstractManagedComponent's after that for cleaning up the listeners, timeouts and intervals.

The AbstractManagedComponent also overrides the render method, executing the client code's implementation and post-processing the result by binding the event listeners. Only the event listeners that are provided via props named with the on prefix will be bound to the component's instance.

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