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IMA.js plugin LESS constants

IMA.js plugin for sharing constants between JavaScript and LESS code.


First install the plugin using npm:

npm install --save-dev @ima/plugin-less-constants

Next you need to create your layout configuration file app/config/layout.js:

import { string, number } from '@ima/plugin-less-constants/constants';
import { px, em, rem, percent, hex, rgba } from '@ima/plugin-less-constants/units';
import { maxWidthMedia, minWidthMedia, minAndMaxWidthMedia, maxHeightMedia, minHeightMedia } from '@ima/plugin-less-constants/media';

export default {
	// example configuration
	staticResourcesRoot: string('/static'),
	applicationVersion: number(2),
	primaryColor: hex('cc0000'),
	fadedPrimaryColor: rgba(217, 0, 0, 0.7),
	headerHeight: px(80),
	footerHeight: rem(6),
	inlineMainMenu: minWidthMedia(px(800))

After that, you need to add the plugin to the bundled application plugins by adding the following lines to the vendors.common array in the app/build.js:


Now you can register the gulp task with the gulp task loader in your project's gulpfile.js by adding the following path to the task paths array:


Finally, you need to add the less:constants task to the tasks executed within the dev and build tasks before the less task. This is usually done by editing the tasks object in the gulpConfig.js file.

Result of running the less:constants task can be seen in app/assets/less/settings.less. This file contains all variables you've defined in your app/config/layout.js and it'll be imported later in the less task.

Usage note

Please note that it is currently not possible to rename the imported unit and media functions (px, em, rem, percent, hex, rgba, maxWidthMedia, minWidthMedia, maxHeightMedia, minHeightMedia) in the layout.js configuration file.



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