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    Detailed description of various nutrients, and its components.
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    This is part of package ifct2017.
    Online database:

    const nutrients = require('@ifct2017/nutrients');
    // nutrients(query)
    // → nutrient description if found, null otherwise
    // Amino acid profile of each food is determined by three different analyses.
    // Tryptophan is determined by alkaline hydrolysis, methionine and cystine by
    // performic oxidation and the rest of the amino acids by acid hydrolysis. The
    // amino acid profile of each food is expressed as g/100 g protein.
    nutrients('what is soluble oxalate?');
    nutrients('are organic acids useful?');
    // Organic acids is naturally present in a wide variety of foods especially fruits,
    // berries and vegetables. Organic acids cis-aconitic acid, citric acid, fumaric
    // acid, mallic acid, quinic acid, succinic acid and tartaric acid were determined
    // in single liquid chromatographic run. Soluble, insoluble and total oxalates were
    // determined separately by HPLC method. The organic acids are energy contributing
    // components, although it varies between the different organic acids. According to
    // the Codex Alimentarius Commission’s Guidelines for Nutrition Labeling, the energy
    // conversion factor for organic acids is 13 kJ/g. However, organic acids have not
    // been included in the total energy of foods given in the IFCT.
    // Additional methods:
    nutrients.load() // → corpus


    Data was obtained from the book Indian Food Composition Tables 2017.
    Food composition values were measured by National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad.


    npm i @ifct2017/nutrients

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