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    Names of each food in local languages, including scientific name.

    This is part of package ifct2017.
    Online database: ifct2017.github.io.

    const descriptions = require('@ifct2017/descriptions');
    // descriptions(query)
    // → matches [{code, name, scie, desc}]
    await descriptions.load();
    /// Load corpus first
    descriptions('ananas comosus');
    // [ { code: 'E053',
    //     name: 'Pineapple',
    //     scie: 'Ananas comosus',
    //     desc: 'A. Ahnaros; B. Anarasa; G. Anenas; H. Ananas; Kan. Ananas; Kash. Punchitipul; Kh. Soh trun; Kon. Anas; Mal. Kayirha chakka; M. Kihom Ananas; O. Sapuri; P. Ananas; Tam. Annasi pazham; Tel. Anasa pandu; U. Ananas.' } ]
    descriptions('tell me about cow milk.');
    descriptions('gai ka doodh details.');
    // [ { code: 'L002',
    //     name: 'Milk, Cow',
    //     scie: '',
    //     desc: 'A. Garoor gakhir; B. Doodh (garu); G. Gai nu dhudh; H. Gai ka doodh; Kan. Hasuvina halu; Kash. Doodh; Kh. Dud masi; M. San Sanghom; Mar. Doodh (gay); O. Gai dudha; P. Gaan da doodh; S. Gow kshiram; Tam. Pasumpaal; Tel. Aavu paalu.' } ]
    // Additional methods:
    descriptions.load() // → corpus (promise)
    descriptions.sql([table], [options]) // → sql statements (promise)
    descriptions.csv() // → path of csv file

    Data was obtained from the book Indian Food Composition Tables 2017.
    Food composition values were measured by National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad.
    Take a peek at the raw data here: Document, Webpage.


    npm i @ifct2017/descriptions

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