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    Google Drive Client

    Client for making basic Google Drive requests


    Install the client by running the following:

    npm install @idsync/googledrive-client

    The library exports a factory which can be used to create client adapters. The factory takes a Google Drive OAuth token.

    const { createClient } = require("@idsync/googledrive-client");
    const client = createClient(myToken);
    client.getDirectoryContents({ tree: true }).then(tree => {
        // ...
    // Or return a flat structure with all files and directories:

    Make sure to check out the API documentation for more information.

    Token expiration or invalid credentials

    This library uses VError to pass extra error information around, such as when authentication fails while making a request. This makes it easier for downstream libraries to handle such authorisation failures, perhaps by requesting a new token.

    If an error is thrown, use VError to extract the information from it to test if an authorisation failure has occurred:

    client.getDirectoryContents().catch(err => {
        const { authFailure = false } = VError.info(err);
        // handle authFailure === true

    Getting directory contents using a path

    This library supports fetching directory contents by using a path, for a more traditional field. This method is not recommended for all use cases as it doesn't support items in the same level with the same name. Consider it experimental.

    const { createClient } = require("@idsync/googledrive-client");
    const client = createClient(myToken);
    client.mapDirectoryContents("/").then(arrayOfFiles => {
        // ...

    NB: Items are placed in the root if (and only if) their parents are not resolvable. They may have parent IDs specified in the result - if a parent can be found for a file, it is in that items sub-directory, whereas if the parent cannot be found it is in the root.


    npm i @idsync/googledrive-client

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