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    DIDS (Decentralized Identity library for Solana)

    This library is a simple client library for generating DIDs for use with Solana applications.

    It supports two DID methods:

    • did-key: A static DID method based on X25519 ECC Curve keys, that are compatible with Solana public keys.
    • did-sol: A Solana-native DID method.

    Quick Start

    To register a DID from a Solana public key:

    const DIDs = require('');
    const dids = new DIDs({ payer: payerAccount.secretKey });
    const owner = new Account().publicKey;
    const keyIdentifier = await dids.register('key', owner);
    const solIdentifier = await dids.register('sol', owner);

    To retrieve a DID document:

    const identifier = 'did:key:z6MkszyYuyjZ31XZKXT4qdb5HqsWjAZGZoVvGzsoX1Tnno9s';
    const document = await dids.get(identifier);

    For more examples, see tests/index.test.ts

    Testing & Development

    Note: Before contributing to this project, please check out the code of conduct and contributing guidelines.

    DIDS uses nvm and yarn

    nvm i

    Running the tests

    DIDS uses the mocha and chai test libraries

    Run the tests using:

    yarn test

    Note: DIDS was bootstrapped and is packaged using TSDX, which includes Jest. Jest has a bug when importing some dependencies of this project, so mocha is used instead.


    To test using the repl, run

    yarn repl

    Then try:

    await dids.register('sol', new Account().publicKey)
    await dids.register('key', new Account().publicKey)
    await dids.get('<YOUR IDENTIFIER HERE>')




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