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Identity Service

A service to handle identity related operations.

Since version 0.1.38 all Identity Box services are ESM-only. No building is required.


On your identity-box, first create a folder where you want your service to be installed (we recommend that you use the name of the service as the name of the folder). Then install the service as follows:

$ npx github:/identity-box/cli install-service identity-service


Make sure the IPFS daemon is running:

$ ipfs daemon --enable-namesys-pubsub --enable-pubsub-experiment --enable-gc --migrate

Required environment variables

Identity Service assume some environment variables to be set.

IPFS environment variables

Identity Service assume some environment variables to be set.

IPFS_PATH needs to point to the IPFS data directory. On the local machine this is usually $HOME/.ipfs.

IPFS_ADDR contains the address of the IPFS host. This needs to conform to the multiaddr format. When this environment variable is not set, the address will default to /ip4/

Automatic backups

For the automatic backups functionality, Identity Service requires two environment variables to be set: IDBOX_BACKUP holding the absolute path to the backup directory, and IDBOX_BACKUP_PASSWORD to hold the password to encrypt the idbox IPNS keys. Every key from $IPFS_PATH/keystore will have its corresponding pem file in $IDBOX_BACKUP directory. $IDBOX_BACKUP will also contain a backup file with all user's identities from the IdApp (encrypted).


To directly run the service, use:

$ yarn identity-service start

With PM2

You can take of advantage of pm2 to start an identity-box service. Make sure you have pm2 installed globally:

$ npm install pm2 -g

Start service

$ pm2 start ecosystem.config.cjs

List all services

$ pm2 list

Settings on a service

$ pm2 show identity-service


To show both stdout and stderr logs run:

$ pm2 logs identity-service

This shows all the logs of identity-service and outputs the last 15 lines (the default).

To see only standard output logs, and print more lines from the output use:

$ pm2 logs identity-service --out --lines 150

Restart process after editing ecosystem

$ pm2 delete ecosystem.config.cjs
$ pm2 start ecosystem.config.cjs

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