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    This package is responsible for generating the flavors of the icon in all the different types in which it can be consumed. At the end of the build step, we have each flavor in it's .svg format, but after generate, we will have more optimized .svg and .js files, .png files that can be consumed by iOS, and .webp files that can be consumed by android.

    Generate transforms the set of .svg flavors to their types by running a set of plugins based on the type in which we want the output. For example, we can have a different set of plugins to obtain the optimized svg and a different set to get a .png "type".

    After generate has applied all the plugins based on type, we now get flavors with types that contain paths to the newly created .type asset. Generate also updates the icon config with the newly generated types. An example flavor in the icon config (iconrc.json) after it's been through the generate step will look like this:

        "name": "filled-24x24",
        "path": "./filled.svg",
        "types": {
            "png": {
                "name": "filled-24x24",
                "path": "./filled-24x24.png"
            "webp": {
                "name": "filled-24x24",
                "path": "./filled-24x24.webp"


    generate(iconSet: IconSet): Promise

    This package's primary interface is the generate function that takes in a mapping of the path to the icon directory and the Icon class corresponding to the icon. This allows it to be chained to the build step in the following manner:

    // build all the icons
    let outputIconSet = await;
    // generate all the icons
    await iconGenerate.generate(outputIconSet);

    All the while, the icon in memory is updated with the newly generated types for each flavor. After all the plugins are applied, the generate then writes the config of each icon to form an icon bundle consisting of:

    1. The icon config file (iconrc.json) with flavors and types
    2. The various flavors of the icon in their optimized .svg and .js version
    3. The various flavors of the icon in their .png and .webp version
    ├── home
    │   ├── filled-24x24.png
    │   ├── filled-24x24.webp
    │   ├── filled.js
    │   ├── filled.svg
    │   ├── iconrc.json
    │   ├── someOtherName-24x24.png
    │   ├── someOtherName-24x24.webp
    │   └── someOtherName.js
    │   └── someOtherName.svg
    └── modified-small-home
        ├── filled-16x16.png
        ├── filled-16x16.webp
        ├── filled-32x32.png
        ├── filled-32x32.webp
        ├── filled-8x8.png
        ├── filled-8x8.webp
        ├── filled.js
        ├── filled.svg
        ├── iconrc.json
        ├── modifiedOutline-16x16.png
        ├── modifiedOutline-16x16.webp
        ├── modifiedOutline-32x32.png
        ├── modifiedOutline-32x32.webp
        ├── modifiedOutline-8x8.png
        ├── modifiedOutline-8x8.webp
        └── modifiedOutline.js
        └── modifiedOutline.svg


    Generate, by default provides the following plugins


    That is used for generating PNG and webP assets. This plugin uses @icon-magic/svg-to-png and @icon-magic/image-min farm to generate .png and .webp assets and minify the outputs.

    svg-generate - svgOptimize

    That is used to clean up the .svg file from unnecessary nodes, attributes and metatadata.


    This plugin converts .svg to .js that contain HTML Custom Element to render the given SVG on a web page. The resulting assets define and register custom elements to CustomElementRegistry via window.customElements. The input of this plugin is the svg to be converted to custom element. The plugin returns the asset flavor with added custom element asset type and automatically writes the output (javascript files) to the output directory.

    For more details on the interfaces, refer to @icon-magic/icon-models.




    npm i @icon-magic/generate

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