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    This package is responsible for massaging the assets into type specific structures and formats. At the end of the generate step, we have optimized .svg files, .png files and .webp files for web, ios and android consumption. You can look in test/fixtures/input for an example of the file structure after the generate step. distribute organizes and structures those files how they need to be consumed and creates the necessary files for platform consumption.


    distributeByType(iconConfig: IconConfigHash, outputPath: string, type: ICON_TYPES, groupByCategory = true): Promise<void>

    This package's primary interface is the distributeByType function that takes in a set of icons to be moved to the output folder, the type of icon to distribute ('svg' | 'png' | 'webp'), the output path the icons should be moved to and whether (for sprite creation), the icons should be grouped by their category attribute.

    // Get the iconSet from the inputPaths
    const iconSet = configReader.getIconConfigSet(new Array(i));
    // distribute the icons
    await distributeByType(iconSet, o, t, g);

    For each type ('svg' | 'png' | 'webp') distributeByType calls a function to massage the asset counterparts. By default type is set to 'all' which means it calls the functions for all types.

    Output of distributeByType


    For web use, distribute can move the svg assets to the output and / or create a sprite with icons appended.

    ├── `${iconName}` e.g `filled`
    │   ├── filled.svg
    ├── icons.svg

    You can indicate whether an icon should be included in a sprite and the sprite name through the icon's iconrc.json:

      "distribute": {
        "svg": {
          "toSprite": true,
          "spriteName": "icons"

    You can also add a category attribute to the iconrc.json which will be used to group the icons in the sprite (using <defs> with the ID attribute set to the value of category)

      "category": "ui-icon",
      "distribute": {
        "svg": {
          "toSprite": true,
          "spriteName": "icons"

    e.g icons.svg:

      <defs id="ui-icon">
        <svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 32 32" id="home-filled-1" data-supported-dps="8x8 16x16" fill="currentColor">
          <path d="M28 13.36L16.64 6.19a1.2 1.2 0 0 0-1.28 0L4 13.34l1 1.59 2-1.25V25a1 1 0 0 0 1 1h6v-5h4v5h6a1 1 0 0 0 1-1V13.67L27 15z"/>


    ├── drawable-xxxhdpi `folder name depends on asset resolution`
    │   ├── filled-1_filled-24x12@2.webp
    │   └── filled-1_filled-60x60@2.webp
    │   └── filled-1_filled-60x60@2.webp


    ├── `${iconName}_${}.imageset` e.g `filled-1_filled-24x12.imageset`
    │   ├── Contents.json
    │   └── `${iconName}_${}.png` e.g `filled-1_filled-24x12@2.png`




    npm i @icon-magic/distribute

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