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    IBM Z System Automation Plug-in for Zowe CLI

    IBM Z System Automation Plug-in for Zowe CLI extends Zowe CLI to let you interact with IBM Z System Automation (SA) through its optional System Automation Operations API (REST). This solution is intended for operators and developers of applications running on zOS, automated by Z System Automation. With the CLI commands offered by this CLI these users can perform many daily tasks to manage these applications which are represented as resources by SA.

    In addition this CLI offers commands for SA adminstrators to get more information about the running SA components (called members in this CLI), interact with these members (such as activate another policy) and get usefull information about the running system and the automated resources.


    After installation you can use it like any other Zowe CLI Plug-In. Like for most other Zowe CLI Plug-Ins you need to connect your CLI to a running SA Operations REST Server by creating a Zowe CLI Profile for SA. For more help how to create such a profile and which commands are available - get an overview of with the command

    zowe sa --help

    Note: Depending on the version of the SA Operations Server you are connected to - some commands will not be supported. Use the command

    zowe sa view version

    To get more information about the SA Operations API Version you are connected to.

    Environment Variables

    Following Environment variables can be set to define the log level of the Zowe CLI framework, respectively of the tracing/logging done by the CLI plugins. For more details refer to the official documentation of the Zowe CLI Imperative Framework.

    You can define the log level of the code delivered by the imperative framework
    This env variable defines the log level used for the code of the plugin(s)

    In addition Following environments variables have been defined for the SA Plug-In.

    This environment variable defines the language in which the SA plugin writes messages. Currently we support "en" or "de"


    Trace / Log file can be found in the hidden directory ".zowe" which has been created in your user home directory.

    For example on Windows: C:\users<YourUserName>.zowe\zowe\logs\zowe.log On Mac/Linux you will find this hidden log directory in your home directory.


    All commands provided by this plug-in are documented using the --help option of the Zowe CLI. An overview of all available commands and other generic help can be found in the official Z System Automation Documentation Integrating - Exploitation with Zowe

    Version History

    Can be found in the Changelog.

    Need help...

    In case you have a question, request or problem with this plug-in you can contact us on the Forum: SA Public Forum - IBM Z and LinuxONE Community


    npm i @ibm/system-automation-for-zowe-cli

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