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IBM Cloud Platform Services Node.js SDK

Node.js client library to interact with various IBM Cloud Platform Service APIs.

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ibm-platform-services package has been deprecated! The Platform Services Node SDK is now available as @ibm-cloud/platform-services.

To migrate to the new package, you can use the commands listed below:

npm uninstall ibm-platform-services
npm install @ibm-cloud/platform-services

You will also need to modify any references to the old package ibm-platform-services within import/require statements so they reflect the new package @ibm-cloud/platform-services. Here is an example:

// A 'require' statement that reflects the old package name:
const UserManagementV1 = require('ibm-platform-services/user-management/v1');

// Modify this to reflect the new package name:
const UserManagementV1 = require('@ibm-cloud/platform-services/user-management/v1');


The IBM Cloud Platform Services Node.js SDK allows developers to programmatically interact with the following IBM Cloud services:

Service Name Import Path
Case Management @ibm-cloud/platform-services/case-management/v1
Catalog Management @ibm-cloud/platform-services/catalog-management/v1
Context Based Restrictions @ibm-cloud/platform-services/context-based-restrictions/v1
Enterprise Billing Units @ibm-cloud/platform-services/enterprise-billing-units/v1
Enterprise Management @ibm-cloud/platform-services/enterprise-management/v1
Enterprise Usage Reports @ibm-cloud/platform-services/enterprise-usage-reports/v1
Global Catalog @ibm-cloud/platform-services/global-catalog/v1
Global Search @ibm-cloud/platform-services/global-search/v2
Global Tagging @ibm-cloud/platform-services/global-tagging/v1
IAM Access Groups @ibm-cloud/platform-services/iam-access-groups/v2
IAM Identity Service @ibm-cloud/platform-services/iam-identity/v1
IAM Policy Management @ibm-cloud/platform-services/iam-policy-management/v1
IBM Cloud Shell @ibm-cloud/platform-services/ibm-cloud-shell/v1
Open Service Broker @ibm-cloud/platform-services/open-service-broker/v1
Resource Controller @ibm-cloud/platform-services/resource-controller/v2
Resource Manager @ibm-cloud/platform-services/resource-manager/v2
Usage Metering @ibm-cloud/platform-services/usage-metering/v4
Usage Reports @ibm-cloud/platform-services/usage-reports/v4
User Management @ibm-cloud/platform-services/user-management/v1

The following services have been relocated to a different SDK project. Please consult the documentation for each service to determine the new location:

Service Name Import Path
Configuration Governance @ibm-cloud/platform-services/configuration-governance/v1
Posture Management @ibm-cloud/platform-services/posture-management/v1


  • You need an IBM Cloud account.
  • Node.js >=14: This SDK is tested with Node.js versions 14 and up. It may work on previous versions but this is not officially supported.


npm install @ibm-cloud/platform-services

Using the SDK

For general SDK usage information, please see this link


If you are having difficulties using this SDK or have a question about the IBM Cloud services, please ask a question at Stack Overflow.


If you encounter an issue with the SDK, you are welcome to submit a bug report. Before that, please search for similar issues. It's possible someone has already encountered this issue.

Open source @ IBM

Find more open source projects on the IBM Github Page




The IBM Cloud Platform Services Node.js SDK is released under the Apache 2.0 license. The license's full text can be found in LICENSE.



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