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JSON-like bindings for TOML.


var TOML = require('@iarna/toml')
var obj = TOML.parse(`[abc]
foo = 123
bar = [1,2,3]`)
/* obj =
   {abc: {foo: 123, bar: [1,2,3]}}
var str = TOML.stringify(obj)
/* str =
   foo = 123
   bar = [ 1, 2, 3 ]

The parser is provided by toml-j0.4. We provide our own stringifier.


If available, TOML.stringify will call the toJSON method on objects to transform them before trying to serialize them, much as JSON.stringify does.

There is one exception to this, toJSON is not called for Date objects because JSON represents dates as strings and TOML can represent them natively.

moment objects are treated the same as native Date objects.

What's Missing

  • Any way to produce comments. As a JSON stand-in I'm not too worried about this.
  • Error reporting in stringification that's not terrible. Right now it's basically "it broke". Making this better will not be difficult. Error reporting is important because there are datastructures TOML can't represent.


The tests for the stringifier are made up of two parts:

First, we verify that we can round-trip all of the examples provided in the toml spec repository. They were fetched as of 183273af30102704a103f206f974636967c4da6d and specifically are:

Second, many tests are borrowed from @othiym23's toml-stream module. They were fetched as of b6f1e26b572d49742d49fa6a6d11524d003441fa.