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Convert RTF to HTML in pure JavaScript.

const rtfToHTML = require('@iarna/rtf-to-html')
fs.createReadStream('example.rtf').pipe(rtfToHTML((err, html) => {
  // … 
rtfToHTML.fromStream(fs.createReadStream('example.rtf'), (err, html) => {
  // … 
rtfToHTML.fromString('{\\rtf1\\ansi\\b hi there\\b0}', (err, html) => {
  // prints a document containing: 
  // <p><strong>hi there</strong></p> 

This is built on rtf-parser and shares its limitations.

This generates complete HTML documents from RTF documents. It does not currently have the facility to work on snippets of either.

Supported features:

  • Paragraph detection (results in <p> tags) plus empty paragraph trimming.
  • Font (as font-family: Font Name, Font Family). Font families in RTF don't map perfectly to HTML. This is the mapping we currently use:
    • roman: serif
    • swiss: sans-serif
    • script: cursive
    • decor: fantasy
    • modern: sans-serif
    • tech: monospace
    • bidi: serif
  • Font size (as font-size: #pt)
  • Bold (as <strong>)
  • Italic (as <em>)
  • Underline (as <u>)
  • Strikethrough (as <s>)
  • Superscript (as <sup>)
  • Subscript (as <sub>)
  • Foreground color (as color: rgb(#,#,#))
  • Background color (as color: rgb(#,#,#))
  • Paragraph first-line indents (as text-indent: #pt)
  • Idented regions (as padding-left: #pt)
  • Text alignment: left, right, center, justify (as text-align:)