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Note This is a fork of Angular2Gridster. It is updated to Angular 17+ with some minor tweaks and updates added.

Angular implementation of the well-known Gridster (no jQuery, no external libraries, only Angular and Rx.js).


  • Version 18.x works with Angular 18.x.
  • Version 17.x works with Angular 17.x.
  • Version 16.x works with Angular 16.x.
  • Version 15.x works with Angular 15.x.
  • Version 14.x works with Angular 14.x.
  • Version 13.x works with Angular 13.x.
  • Version 12.x works with Angular 12.x.
  • Version 11.x works with Angular 11.x.
  • Version 10.x works with Angular 10.x.
  • Version 9.x works with Angular 9.x.
  • Version 8.x works with Angular 8.x.
  • Version 7.x works with Angular 7.x.
  • Version 6.x works with Angular 6.x.
  • Version 5.x works with Angular 5.x.
  • Version 4.x works with Angular 4.x.

Versions 1.x and 0.x work only with Angular 4.x, but the newest states you can find in v4.x.


npm install @hyperviewhq/angular2gridster

Once installed you need to import our module: The example imports in AppModule, but it could also be imported in any other module - depends on where you want to use it.

Additional steps for System.js

To make Angular2gridster works with System.js you need to provide a dedicated configuration in systemjs.config.js. It requires a change in `map`` object and 'packages' as follows:

    map: {
        // ...
        rxjs: 'node_modules/rxjs',
        angular2gridster: 'node_modules/@hyperviewhq/angular2gridster',
    packages: {
        // ...
        rxjs: {defaultExtension: 'js'},
        angular2gridster: {main: 'dist/index.js', defaultExtension: 'js'},

Example usage

<ngx-gridster [options]="gridsterOptions" [draggableOptions]="{ handlerClass: 'panel-heading' }">
        *ngFor="let widget of widgets"
        <!-- some content -->

For version before 6.0.0:

<gridster [options]="gridsterOptions" [draggableOptions]="{ handlerClass: 'panel-heading' }">
        *ngFor="let widget of widgets"
        <!-- some content -->
widgets: Array<any> = [...];
gridsterOptions = {
  lanes: 2, // how many lines (grid cells) dashboard has
  direction: 'vertical', // items floating direction: vertical/horizontal/none
  floating: false, // default=true - prevents items to float according to the direction (gravity)
  dragAndDrop: false, // possible to change items position by drag n drop
  resizable: false, // possible to resize items by drag n drop by item edge/corner
  useCSSTransforms: true, // Uses CSS3 translate() instead of position top/left - significant performance boost.
  responsiveSizes: true, // allow to set different item sizes for different breakpoints
  // ResponsiveOptions can overwrite default configuration with any option available for specific breakpoint.
  responsiveOptions: [
            breakpoint: 'sm',
            lanes: 3
            breakpoint: 'md',
            minWidth: 768,
            lanes: 4,
            dragAndDrop: true,
            resizable: true
            breakpoint: 'lg',
            lanes: 6,
            dragAndDrop: true,
            resizable: true
            breakpoint: 'xl',
            minWidth: 1800,
            lanes: 8,
            dragAndDrop: true,
            resizable: true


If you use responsiveOptions, then item coords will be assigned to different breakpoint attributes:

  • till sm (480px), it uses x and y attributes
  • sm (480px - 768px), it uses xSm and ySm attributes
  • md (768px - 1250px), it uses xMd and yMd attributes
  • lg (1250px - 1800px), it uses xLg and yLg attributes
  • from xl (1800px), it uses xXl and yXl attributes

(widths in px are only example and works for `responsiveOptions in the example above).

If you set responsiveSizes: true, item size can be different for different breakpoints. In this case, size will be bound to following attributes:

  • till sm (480px), it uses w and h attributes
  • sm (480px - 768px), it uses wSm and hSm attributes
  • md (768px - 1250px), it uses wMd and hMd attributes
  • lg (1250px - 1800px), it uses wLg and hLg attributes
  • from xl (1800px), it uses wXl and hXl attributes


Clone or download this repository and just run:

npm i
npm run build
npm start

Go to: http://localhost:4200/

Compilation problems

If somebody will have compilation problems please add an issue (if not yet created). I will try to fix it as soon as possible. The angular compiler has still some issues open and it is changing frequently.

As a temporary solution copy files from the/``projects/angular2gridster/src/lib` folder to dedicated folder in your project.


If the current behavior is a bug or you can illustrate your feature request better with an example, please provide the steps to reproduce and if possible a minimal demo of the problem via CodeSandbox:

Edit Angular

The project is in development so don't hesitate to write any questions or suggestions on issue list. I look forward to getting a response from you.


This project was created on the idea of GridList](https://github.com/hootsuite/grid). Great alternative for Gridster.

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