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    The low level networking guts of the Hyperswarm stack.

    npm install @hyperswarm/network


    const network = require('@hyperswarm/network')()
    const nw = network()
    nw.bind(function () {
      // topic should be a 32 byte buffer
      nw.lookupOne(topic, function (err, peer) {
        if (err) throw err
        nw.connect(peer, function (err, socket) {
          if (err) throw err
          socket.write('Hello World!')


    net = network([options])

    Create a new network instance.

    Options include:

      bind () {
        // called when the network is bound
      close () {
        // called when the network is fully closed
      socket (socket) {
        // called when an incoming socket is received
      // Optionally overwrite the default set of bootstrap servers
      bootstrap: [addresses],
      // Set to false if this is a long running instance on a server
      // When running in ephemeral mode you don't join the DHT but just 
      // query it instead. If unset, or set to a non-boolean (default undefined)
      // then the node will start in short-lived (ephemeral) mode and switch 
      // to long-lived (non-ephemeral) mode after a certain period of uptime
      ephemeral: undefined

    nw.bind([preferredPort], [callback])

    Bind to a preferred port. Must be called before connecting.

    Safe to call multiple times. If already bound or binding it will call the callback when fully bound.


    Fully close the network.

    Safe to call multiple times.

    nw.connect(peer, callback)

    Connect to a peer. Will do UDP holepunching.

    Callback is called with (err, socket, isTCP). If the underlying socket is a TCP socket isTCP will be true, if it is a UTP socket it will be false.

    announcer = nw.announce(topic)

    Start announcing the network on the Hyperswarm discovery network.

    lookup = nw.lookup(topic)

    Start doing a lookup on the Hyperswarm discovery network.

    nw.lookupOne(topic, callback)

    Lookup a single peer on the Hyperswarm discovery network.




    npm i @hyperswarm/network

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