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    NOTE: This project is derivative work of (@ghuser/github-contribs)[https://github.com/ghuser-io/github-contribs]

    List all GitHub repos a user has contributed to since the beginning:

    • not just the last few months,
    • not just the repos owned by the user or their organisations,
    • simply all repos a user has ever pushed to.
    $ github-contribs AurelienLourot
    ✔ Fetched first day at GitHub: 2015-04-04.
    ⚠ Be patient. The whole process might take up to an hour... Consider using --since and/or --until
    ✔ Fetched all commits and PRs. Consider using --issues to fetch issues as well.
    35 repo(s) found:

    Advanced usage


    $ sudo npm install -g @ghuser/github-contribs


    To the code

    To run your local changes:

    $ yarn install
    $ ./cli.js --help


    Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

    Aditya Giri

    🚇 ⚠️ 💻

    This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


    How does it work?

    Normally in order to retrieve all repositories a user has interacted with, one should query the GitHub Events API. Unfortunately it returns only the last 90 days, so we don't use it.

    Instead we noticed that the "Contribution Activity" section's content on the profile pages comes from URLs like https://github.com/AurelienLourot?from=2018-10-09 .

    So we're fetching these URLs too and parsing their output.

    Why is it so slow?

    We hit a rate limit. And since it's not an official API, we can't use a token to raise the limit.

    NOTE: the rate limit seems to be 40 requests / minute / endpoint / IP. Thus even if crawling a single user takes about 3 hours on a single machine, crawling many users in parallel on that same machine should still take about 3 hours.

    Isn't it likely to break?

    Yes, it is since that interface isn't public. We're monitoring it1 and will react as fast as we can when it breaks.

    1 ghuser.io runs this tool every day.

    github-contribs missed some of my commits. Why?

    github-contribs can only discover commits considered as GitHub contributions, i.e. commits that would also appear in the activity section of your GitHub profile. For example it doesn't discover commits in forks.

    Similar/Related projects

    • GitHub-contributions: uses a different technique. It fetches all the user's pull requests from the official API. This is clever but will miss the repos to which the user has pushed directly without pull request.
    • gharchive.org: records all GitHub events for all users. In theory it should be possible to replace our implementation by queries to this huge database.
    • @ghuser/github-contribs: is inspiration for this project. Original is no longer maintained.


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