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This package is no longer maintained. If you would like to use the functionality offered by this package, please consider publishing a fork of this package under your own npm scope.


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Standard renovate configuration as used by projects maintained by Hutson Betts (@hutson).

Configuration package for the renovate dependency update tool using its support for loading configuration from an npm package.

Table of Contents


  • [x] Auto-merge non-breaking changes. (automerge)
  • [x] Attempt to auto-merge directly to the default branch, and only open merge request on failure. (automergeType)
  • General Docker support including for CI providers:
    • [x] Group Docker digest updates into a single merge request. (docker -> digest)
    • [x] Pin Docker images to a specific image hash (docker -> pinDigests)
  • Dockerfile support:
    • [x] Upgrade major versions of Docker images in Dockerfiles. (dockerfile -> major)
      • [ ] Upgrade to latest LTS for Node. (dockerfile -> node - > supportPolicy)
      • [ ] Upgrade to latest LTS of Python.
    • [ ] Upgrade packages fetched from a package repository.
  • [ ] Upgrade Docker image references used to create a build matrix in a CI configuration.
  • [x] Add a label to every merge request filed by Renovate. (labels)
  • [x] Update lock files once a week. (lockFileMaintenance)
  • [x] By default upgrade Node version references to support the current, and all LTS, releases. (node -> supportPolicy)
  • [x] Enable beta support for pipenv. (pipenv)
  • [x] Only open a merge request one all pending CI status checks have either passed or failed. (prCreation)
  • [x] Don't wait for pending CI status checks for more than one hour, as it's likely a failure. (prNotPendingHours)
  • [x] Rebase stale merge requests that have file conflicts. (rebaseStalePrs)
  • [x] Add status check to merge requests if an update can be unpublished following Npm's policies. (rebaseStalePrs)


There's no need to install this package. Renovate fetches configuration directly from the latest version of the package on the npm registry.


There are several ways to use this package to configure Renovate on your repository.

The one used here is to create a renovate.json in the top-level directory of the project and add the following:

  "extends": ["@hutson"]

Please see Renovate's Shareable Config Presets documentation for more ways to use this preset.

Node Support Policy

Note: We can only support those LTS version of Node supported by Renovate.

We only support Long-Term Support versions of Node.

We specifically limit our support to LTS versions of Node, not because this package won't work on other versions, but because we have a limited amount of time, and supporting LTS offers the greatest return on that investment.

It's possible this package will work correctly on newer versions of Node. It may even be possible to use this package on older versions of Node, though that's more unlikely as we'll make every effort to take advantage of features available in the oldest LTS version we support.

As each Node LTS version reaches its end-of-life we will remove that version from the node engines property of our package's package.json file. Removing a Node version is considered a breaking change and will entail the publishing of a new major version of this package. We will not accept any requests to support an end-of-life version of Node. Any merge requests or issues supporting an end-of-life version of Node will be closed.

We will accept code that allows this package to run on newer, non-LTS, versions of Node. Furthermore, we will attempt to ensure our own changes work on the latest version of Node. To help in that commitment, our continuous integration setup runs against all LTS versions of Node in addition the most recent Node release; called current.

JavaScript package managers should allow you to install this package with any version of Node, with, at most, a warning if your version of Node does not fall within the range specified by our node engines property. If you encounter issues installing this package, please report the issue to your package manager.


Please read our contributing guide to see how you may contribute to this project.



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