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    Smooth transition to L2, just like sorbet before main course

    Winners of Arbitrum 🏆 and Optimism 🏆 for ETHGlobal Scaling Ethereum 2021 Hackathon

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    eth-sorbet is a react component that improves DApp users' onboarding experience to L2 networks or sidechains.

    When a user lands on the DApp, it will bring up a series of screens that guides the users to switch to the L2 network that the developer selected. Users will no longer need to manually enter the L2 network configs in their wallets and can make deposits and interact with the L2 networks right away.

    Alt Welcome screen in eth-sorbet eth-sorbet saves you from managing user onboarding!

    Alt Switching networks in eth-sorbet We handle wallet RPC calls to add network for users, instead of asking your users to do that manually.


    npm install --save @huskyfinance/eth-sorbet


    See example for more detailed usage guide.

    import React, { Component } from 'react'
    // import modal and target network config
    import { Sorbet, xDai } from '@huskyfinance/eth-sorbet'
    // load css
    import '@huskyfinance/eth-sorbet/dist/index.css'
    const provider = window.ethereum
    const config = {
      targetNetwork: xDai,
      dappName: 'Example App',
      open: isOpen,
      handleClose: handleClose,
      // optional
      // the user address to check their balance.
      address: userAddress,
      // logo of your app
      dappLogo: 'https://www.kkbox.com/about/img/app_icons/kkbox_app_icon.png',
      // theme color
      color: '#26EFE6'
      // darkmode
      darkMode: true
    class Example extends Component {
      render() {
        return <Sorbet config={config} walletProvider={provider} />

    Supported Networks

    Arbitrum logo Avalanche logo Binance Smart Chain logo Optimism logo Polygon / Matic logo POA (Sokol) logo xDai logo

    Network Config Native Deposit Supported
    Arbitrum (Kovan)
    Avalanche -
    Binance Smart Chain -
    Optimism (Kovan)
    Optimism (Mainnet)
    Polygon / Matic (Mainnet)
    Polygon / Matic (Mumbai)
    POA (Sokol) -

    Supported Wallets

    Metamask logo

    Network Add Network Switch Network

    Run in dev

    Run the library:

    cd \eth-sorbet
    yarn start

    In another terminal, run the example App which will refresh if the library changes

    cd \eth-sorbet\example
    yarn start


    MIT © 2021 husky-finance


    npm i @huskyfinance/eth-sorbet

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