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    Huddly SDK - Device Api USB


    First clone the repo.

    Then you need to init and update the submodules

      git submodule init
      git submodule update

    Setup dependcies

    npm i


    Then you need to make sure you have build tools for windows

    Huddly SDK - Device Api USB

    Development setup

    If you want to local development together with the @huddly/sdk here is the recommend setup

    • Checkout Device Api USB repo and the sdk repo
    • run npm install in both repos, use the same node version recommend v10.12
    • Go into the Device Api USB repo, run npm link this will create a symlink to this repo in the npm cache
    • Then start the typescript compiler watcher npm run watch-ts
    • Open a new tab
    • Go to the SDK repo folder, run npm link @huddly/device-api-usb.
    • Start the typescript watcher npm run watch-ts

    Now you can change things in the sdk and the Device Api USB folder and your changes will be reflected in the compiled code in the sdk.


    MIT Note that the compiled Node extension includes Libusb, and is thus subject to the LGPL.


    npm i @huddly/device-api-usb

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