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Hubble SDK

The Hubble SDK is a TypeScript client SDK for easy access to Hubble Protocol on-chain data and operations.



npm install @hubbleprotocol/hubble-sdk


We use decimal.js for everything that can be bigger than Javascript's number.

Importing the Hubble SDK class:

// For ESM
import {Hubble} from "@hubbleprotocol/hubble-sdk";

// For CommonJS
const hubble = require("@hubbleprotocol/hubble-sdk");

Using the Hubble SDK class:

import {Hubble} from "@hubbleprotocol/hubble-sdk";
import { clusterApiUrl, Connection } from '@solana/web3.js';

// Initialize solana web3 connection
const cluster = 'mainnet-beta';
const connection = new Connection(clusterApiUrl(cluster));
const pubKey = 'aK2dDzV4B5kyxNrF9C5mwNP3yZJMHKeSSUe8LbuZhJY';

// Initialize Hubble SDK class
const hubble = new Hubble(cluster, connection);

// Get user's amount of staked HBB (Hubble token)
const stakedHbb = await hubble.getUserStakedHbb(pubKey);

// Get all of user's loans (debt + collateral)
const loans = await hubble.getUserLoans(pubKey);
for (const userLoan of loans) {
  // main collateral can be accessed by using property access:
  console.log('SOL', userLoan.collateral.sol);
  console.log('BTC', userLoan.collateral.btc);
  console.log('ETH', userLoan.collateral.eth);
  console.log('SRM', userLoan.collateral.srm);
  console.log('RAY', userLoan.collateral.ray);
  console.log('FTT', userLoan.collateral.ftt);
  console.log('MSOL', userLoan.collateral.msol);

  // extra collateral can be accessed by either using a helper function:
  console.log('STSOL', findInExtraCollateralByName('STSOL', userLoan.collateral.extraCollaterals));
  console.log('LDO', findInExtraCollateralByName('LDO', userLoan.collateral.extraCollaterals));
  // or using the map manually:
  const stsolId = ExtraCollateralMap.find((x) => x.name === 'STSOL').id;
  const ldoId = ExtraCollateralMap.find((x) => x.name === 'LDO').id;
  const stsol = userLoan.collateral.extraCollaterals.find((x) => x.tokenId.eq(stsolId));
  const ldo = userLoan.collateral.extraCollaterals.find((x) => x.tokenId.eq(ldoId));

// Get the amount of stablecoin (USDH) user has deposited in the stability pool
const usdh = await hubble.getUserUsdhInStabilityPool(pubKey);

// Get Hubble's treasury vault value
const treasuryVault = await hubble.getTreasuryVault();

// Get circulating supply of HBB token
const circulatingSupply = await hubble.getHbbCirculatingSupply();

// Get various on-chain data from the Hubble borrowing program
// This is the raw data that has not been converted yet (everything is in the lamports format)
const stakingPoolState = await hubble.getStakingPoolState();
const stabilityPoolState = await hubble.getStabilityPoolState();
const marketStates = await hubble.getBorrowingMarketStates();
const marketState = await hubble.getBorrowingMarketStateByPubkey(new PublicKey('FqkHHpETrpfgcA5SeH7PKKFDLGWM4tM7ZV31HfutTXNV'));
const allUserMetadatas = await hubble.getAllUserMetadatas(); //user metadatas = user's loans
const hbbTokenAccounts = await hubble.getHbbTokenAccounts();

// Get various user-specific on-chain data 
// This is the raw data that has not been converted yet (everything is in the lamports format)
const userStakingState = await hubble.getUserStakingState(pubKey);
const userStabilityProviderState = await hubble.getUserStabilityProviderState(pubKey);
const userMetadatas = await hubble.getUserMetadatas(pubKey); //user metadatas = user's loans

// Get peg stability module (PSM) reserve and swaps
const swapUsdhToUsdc = await hubble.getUsdhToUsdcSwap(new Decimal(1000));
const swapUsdcToUsdh = await hubble.getUsdcToUsdhSwap(new Decimal(500));
const psmReserve = await hubble.getPsmReserve();
const psmPubkey = await hubble.getPsmPublicKey();


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