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Welcome to Hoodie 🎉

The Low-Profile Dog Hoodie Mascot

A very promising open-source library for building offline-first apps. — Smashing Magazine

The Hoodie team is one of the nicest and welcoming that I’ve ever known. — Katrin Apel

Hood.ie - a fast offline-first architecture for webapps. Super-simple user management & storage. Great for mobile. — Addy Osmani

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npm install --save @hoodie/dev-top-level

Note: In the future this will be npm install --save hoodie, but this is a temporary developer preview name.

Add this to your package.json:

"scripts": {
  "start": "hoodie"
"hoodie": {
  "plugins": [

That's it! Running npm start will now serve a hoodie-app from your www folder.

Run npm start -- --help to see more options.

Why is there no code in this repo?

Hoodie consists of many components that are bundled and tested in this top-level module.

If you want to read or contribute to the source-code you can get to it in the individual repos.

Core Components

Core Plugins


Please note that you need to run a Selenium Standalone Server if you're running the tests locally. You can download it on the project's website.

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.46.0.jar

Once Selenium is running you can execute npm test in another terminal tab.


Apache 2.0

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npm i @hoodie/dev-top-level

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