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Nodejs Holochain Container primarily for the execution of tests


The recommended way to install is via npm https://www.npmjs.com/package/@holochain/holochain-nodejs.

To build from source clone the repo and run

node ./publish.js

from the project root.


After installing via npm the module can be used in a node script as follows:

const Container = require('@holochain/holochain-nodejs');
const app = Container.loadAndInstantiate("path/to/happ.hcpkg");

// make calls to the app instance
// zome functions can be called using
// app.call(zome, capability, function, params);


Note about usage: prior to version 0.1.22, you would need to use JSON.stringify on the input parameters, and JSON.parse on the result.

const rawResult = app.call(zome, capability, function, JSON.stringify({ key: "value" }));
const result = JSON.parse(rawResult);

Now in version 0.1.22, you must still pass in an object (just like before), but it should be the plain object, and the result does not need to be parsed. You can use it more simply, like this:

const result = app.call(zome, capability, function, { key: "value" });


Recommended pattern for deployment:

In your CLI, navigate to the directory containing these files.

Use npm version [patch, minor, major] (depending on the type of update) This will update the package.json.

Commit this.

Push it to github.

Create a tag on github of the format holochain-nodejs-vY.Y.Y where Y.Y.Y is the version number of the tag. This is really important, as only a tag with this format will trigger release builds to happen. This is configured in the .travis.yml file.

This will cause the CI to build for all platforms, and upload the binaries to github releases.

If are added as a team member on the holochain team on npm, and have previously run npm adduser, skip this step. If you haven't, run npm adduser. Use the details of your npm user to login.

Once travis has finished with the binary uploads to releases (progress can be seen at https://travis-ci.org/holochain/holochain-rust) run the following from your computer, from the nodejs_holochain directory node ./publish.js --publish

Until windows for travis can utilize secure environment variables without breaking (its not available as a feature yet), we cannot re-enable the automated npm publish step. When the time comes, the configuration is already in the travis file, commented out.






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