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Cross-origin Message Bus (COMB)

COMB is a library that facilitates the calls between the parent window (hApp UI) and the iframe (Chaperone).

Used between Holo Chaperone and Holo Hosting Web SDK.


COMB is designed to make an iFrame feel like a script. With this in mind, the expectation is that the parent window wants to operate the iFrame, not vice-versa. The purpose of using an iFrame instead of a script will usually be for isolation and/or security. The iFrame does not trust the parent window, but requires input from the parent window to know what to do.


  • Parent/Child communication line
  • Promise wrappers
  • Round trip method request
  • Restrict domains


API Reference

Example Usage

Both the parent window and iFrame must load COMB.

<script type="text/javascript" src="./holo_hosting_comb.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
(async () => {
    const child = await comb.connect( url, document.body, 5000, signal => console.log('comb got signal', signal) );

    await child.set("development_mode", true );
    await child.set("welcome_greeting", "Hello" );

    let response = await child.run("isDevelopmentMode");
    // true
    let response = await child.run("sayWelcome", "world", true );
    // "HELLO WORLD!"
<script type="text/javascript" src="./holo_hosting_comb.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
(async () => {
    const parent = comb.listen({
        "isDevelopmentMode": function () {
            return this.development_mode;
        "sayWelcome": async function ( name, uppercase ) {
            let message = `${this.welcome_greeting}, ${name}!`;
            return uppercase === true ? message.toUpperCase() : message;


We use Postmate to set up a message tunnel between the parent and child frames.

Postmate provided a call child method in its API, but it did not return the result. COMB's Parent and Child classes wrap the communication tunnel in a more useful request/response type API.

Development environment as of 2019/11

  • Node.js 12

Project employs

  • Typescript
  • Webpack
  • JSDoc


Nix shell will provide packages listed in ../default.nix nativeBuildInputs

nix-shell ../shell.nix

Inside the nix shell

yarn install

Compile (Typescript)

The source is written in Typescript. Run yarn run compile or make build.

Bundler (Webpack)

The web distribution is bundled with Webpack. Run yarn run bundle or make dist.

NOTE: yarn run bundle will not automatically compile


yarn test

Unit tests

Unit tests are not written because nearly all the complexity is in the integration tests.

Integration tests

Integration tests use puppeteer to simulate a real browser experience.

Required setup

  • HTTP Server for parent window (hApp UI)
  • HTTP Server for child window (Holo Chaperon)
  • Call methods from parent, mock responses from external systems (Resolver, Envoy)




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