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    the best js logger ever :)

    The following options available

    • running logs with elastic fluentd conosle and view in kibana
    • costomize your log level and colors by sending it from the logger constructor the following availble by default debug,info,warning,error,critical
           const config = {
              levels: {
                  silly: 0,
                  debug: 1,
                  info: 2,
                  warning: 3,
                  error: 4,
                  critical: 5
              colors: {
                  silly: 'white',
                  debug: 'grey',
                  info: 'white',
                  warning: 'yellow',
                  error: 'red',
                  critical: 'red'
    • creating multiple log that differnts from each other
    • lazy loading your log from each module Logger.GetLogFromContanier(ServiceName)
    • controling log trace level and update it during run using updateTraceLevel(levelNumber)
    • an abiltiy to set component name and other metaData'hi info test',{component: 'test-Component'});
    • costomize your log colors with colors api for example'hi info test'.green); or'hi info test')[green]);
    • builtin metadata addition such as printing call stack trace for error and critical
    • additions with extra details for logs during run by setting extraDetails flag to true will print this as extrad details {{ function: null file: /home/matyz/dev/vod/core/logger/test/test.js lineNumber: 160 }}
    • built in template that includes time log level and component name September 1st 2016, 12:26:52 pm -> info: ( test-Component ) hi info test


    in order to run you can clone the repo or using npm install logger


    transport : {
        console: true,
        file: true,
        redis : true
        logstash: true,
    console: {
        json: true,
    	colors: true
    file: {
        json: true,
    	colors: true
        level: 'info',
        silent: false,
        eol: null,
        filename: 'data/info.log',
        maxsize: 10000,
        maxFiles: 1000,
        tailable: true,
        maxRetries: 2,
        zippedArchive: false,
        options: { flags: 'a' },
    redis: {
        json: true,
    	colors: true
        host: 'localhost',
        port: 6379,
        sentinel: true,
        verbosityLevelByRedis: true,
        level: 'error'
    logstash : {
        json: true,
    	colors: true
        logstashURL: '',
        logstashPort: 28777
    options: {
        extraDetails: false

    usage example:


    const Logger = require('logger');
    const log = new Logger('test',relativeConfig);

    get created logger

    • use this if know the log container name
    const log = Logger.GetLogFromContainer(ServiceName);
    • don't need to send container name if set this logger as default with isDefault:true
    const log = Logger.GetLogFromContainer();

    log printing'running application in ' + conf.env() + ' environment', {component: componentName.MAIN});    
      log.error('Error response, status=' + res.status + ', message=' + res.error.message, {component: componentName.REST_API});

    redis config

    `hkube:logs:consoleVerbosity` key set the console log verbosity default `info`
    `hkube:logs:clientVerbosity` key set the ui log verbosity default `error`

    ENJOY :)




    npm i @hkube/logger

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