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    an object document management for Hitchy




    Hitchy is a fast server-side framework focusing on these features:

    • Easily discovering plugins.
    • Quickly dispatching incoming requests to handlers of discovered plugins.

    Thus, Hitchy starts lean and requires some plugin to help with conveniently managing data. This package is taking that spot. It is an object document management (ODM) system for Hitchy.

    This package works on top of a key-value store like LevelDB. It is using any such store via some backend API. There are two backends included with this package, but neither of them is for LevelDB to keep the number of dependencies as little as possible.

    • A memory-based adapter manages data in volatile runtime memory mostly for developing and testing purposes. It is the default backend.
    • A filesystem-based adapter is storing all data in a controllable folder of your local filesystem. This backend is suitable for persistently storing data.

    In addition, there is a separate plugin providing an adapter for using an etcd3 cluster as backend.

    Is It Ready For Production?

    This plugin supports index-backed searching. This indexing is fixing one of the most severe bottlenecks of its filesystem-based adapter by strongly improving performance on searching instances by indexed properties. Thus, we believe Hitchy and its ODM are ready for use in real-world applications.

    Of course, this package isn't meant to compete with established database engines like MySQL or MongoDB. However, most applications don't require the performance provided by those engines either. As a benefit, using Hitchy in combination with this ODM comes with very little prerequisites to be met by server-side setups. Just imagine running real-world applications out of the box on any server you like. All you need on a server is Node.js. Putting your whole application in a single rather simple Docker container is an option, too. That's following one of the core-principles of Hitchy: getting rid of dependencies as good as possible.


    The latest documentation is available at



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