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    Eleventy Plugin Safe External Links

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    Eleventy plugin ensuring that external links always contain rel="noopener", rel="noreferrer", which are potentially unsafe otherwise.


    npm install @hirusi/eleventy-plugin-safe-external-links

    This has only been tested with Eleventy 0.11.0 and would ideally be kept up to date with only future releases of Eleventy.


    const pluginLocalRespimg = require('eleventy-plugin-safe-external-links');
    module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {
      eleventyConfig.addPlugin('safe-external-links', {
          pattern: 'https{0,1}://', // RegExp pattern for external links
          noopener: true, // Whether to include noopener
          noreferrer: false, // Whether to include noreferrer
          files: [ // What output file extensions to work on

    Differences from chromeos/static-site-scaffold-modules/modules/eleventy-plugin-safe-external-links

    • This is not a mono-repo. Easier to manage and release updates.
    • Ignores files where permalink is set to false.
    • Fixes an issue where the plugin would empty everything but the body of the page content. (see issue with cheerio)
    • Adds _blank target to external links, unless noopener is set to false.
    • Adds _blank target to external links already carrying noopener rel (ignores noopener option)
    • Updated tests.


    I intend to keep this up to date with the original repo as best as I can. The patch and minor fields from the source repo would be combined - 0.1.4 would change to 0.14.0. The patch field then would reflect my changes on top of it for that minor release - 0.14.1.


    npm i @hirusi/eleventy-plugin-safe-external-links

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