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    The different types returned by the API.

    General usage.

    import { Leg } from 'koala-orm-types';
    const legs = (await axios.get('dashboard/v0/legs')).map(l => new Leg(l));

    To update an entity with serialize.

    import { Leg } from 'koala-orm-types';
    const leg = new Leg(...);
    // ... edit the leg ...
    // Update the leg.
    await`dashboard/v0/legs/${}`, leg.serialize());


    For types related to filters, see Filters.

    The types.

    Primary types.

    • Booking, returned by dashboard/v0/subscriptions represents a subscription,
    • Insurer, returned by dashboard/v0/insurers, represents an insurer,
    • Leg, returned by dashboard/v0/legs, represents a leg (or flight in common language),
    • Partner, returned by dashboard/v0/partners, represents a partner (e.g. an airline or a travel agency),
    • Status, returned by dashboard/v0/statuses, represents the status of a leg, based on Flightstats data,
    • Client, returned by dashboard/v0/clients, represents a client,
    • Users, returned by dashboard/v0/users, represents a user in the dashboard (e.g. a Koala employee, an employee from a partner or a insurer, etc.).

    Secondary types.

    • Claim represents a claim made by a client,
    • Policy representy a policy (an aggregate of products),
    • Source represents a raw product, as designed by an insurer,
    • Product represents a product, as presented to partners (it's based on a Source).

    Generic types.

    • Airline represents an airline,
    • Airport represents an airport,
    • Region respresents a region,
    • Country representes a country,
    • Currency represents a currency,
    • BankDetails represents the bank details of a client.


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