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Changes 1.0.15

  1. The API now returns duration_ms in the avatar_stop_talking event

Changes 1.0.14

  1. The API now supports a knowledge base parameter in the createStreamingAvatar function
  2. The API now supports chat mode in the speak function
  3. The API now supports rate and emotion (only some voices support emotion) in the voice settings in the createStreamingAvatar function

Changes 1.0.13

  1. The API now sets default jitter bufffer target to 200ms

Changes 1.0.11

  1. The API now supports interrupt current streaming

Changes 1.0.9

  1. The API now supports start/stop event callbacks
  2. The API now supports setting jitter buffer target (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/RTCRtpReceiver/jitterBufferTarget)


This HeyGen Streaming Avatar SDK provides a convenient way for developers to better interface with HeyGen's Streaming Avatar.


npm install @heygen/streaming-avatar

To build and compile the typescript sources to javascript run install then:

npm run build

Basic Usage

For an indepth demo, please refer to our Streaming Avatar SDK demo.

import { Configuration, NewSessionData, StreamingAvatarApi} from 'streaming-avatar';

const streamingAvatar = new StreamingAvatarApi(
      new Configuration({accessToken: 'ENTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE'})

async function main(){
    await avatar.current.createStartAvatar(
      { newSessionRequest: 
        { quality: "low",
          avatarName: avatarId, 
          voice:{voiceId: voiceId}


Troubleshooting FAQ

How do I get an Access token Key?

To generate your access token you must first have access to your API key. API Keys are reserved for Enterprise customers. You can retrieve either the API Key or Trial Token by logging in to HeyGen and navigating to this page in your settings: https://app.heygen.com/settings?nav=API. Afterwards you can run the following to obtain your access token.

Please note the tokens are one time use.

curl -X POST https://api.heygen.com/v1/streaming.create_token -H "x-api-key: <api-key>"

Which Avatars can I use with this project?

By default, there are several Public Avatars that can be used in Streaming. (AKA Streaming Avatars.) You can find the Avatar IDs for these Public Avatars by navigating to app.heygen.com/streaming-avatar and clicking 'Select Avatar'.

In order to use a private Avatar created under your own account in Streaming, it must be upgraded to be a Streaming Avatar. Only 1. Finetune Instant Avatars and 2. Studio Avatars are able to be upgraded to Streaming Avatars. This upgrade is a one-time fee and can be purchased by navigating to app.heygen.com/streaming-avatar and clicking 'Select Avatar'.

Photo Avatars are not compatible with Streaming and cannot be used.

Which voices can I use?

Most of HeyGen's AI Voices can be used with the Streaming API. To find the Voice IDs that you can use, please use the List Voices v2 endpoint from HeyGen: https://docs.heygen.com/reference/list-voices-v2

Why am I encountering issues with testing?

Most likely, you are hitting your concurrent session limit. While testing the Streaming API, your account is limited to 3 concurrent sessions. Please endeavor to close unused Streaming sessions with the Close Session endpoint when they are no longer being used; they will automatically close after some minutes.

You can check how many active sessions you have open with the List Sessions endpoint: https://docs.heygen.com/reference/list-sessions




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