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A simple and easy to use reCAPTCHA (v3 only) library for the browser. (You may be also interested in wrapper libraries)

This is a fork from AurityLab's package to add possibility to customize the script loading.


With NPM:

$ npm install recaptcha-v3

With Yarn:

$ yarn add recaptcha-v3


To use this package you only need a valid site key for your domain, which you can easily get here.


With promises:

import { load } from 'recaptcha-v3'

load('<site key>').then((recaptcha) => {
  recaptcha.execute('<action>').then((token) => {
      console.log(token) // Will print the token

With async/await:

import { load } from 'recaptcha-v3'

async function asyncFunction() {
  const recaptcha = await load('<site key>')
  const token = await recaptcha.execute('<action>')

  console.log(token) // Will also print the token

Loader options

The loader takes care of loading the reCAPTCHA script from Google. Therefore the loader offers optional options for additional configuration:

Name Description Type Default value
useRecaptchaNet Due to limitations in certain countries it's required to use recaptcha.net instead of google.com. boolean false
useEnterprise Uses the enterprise version of the recaptcha api and handles the differences in the response. boolean false
autoHideBadge Will automatically hide the reCAPTCHA badge. Warning: The usage is only allowed if you follow the offical guide for hiding the badge from Google (see here) boolean false
renderParameters Will add the given parameters to the reCAPTCHA script. The given object will be converted into a query string and will then be added to the URL. Object {}
explicitRenderParameters Will set the parameters to the explicit rendering. See here Object {}
scriptElementAttributes Will set the given attributes to the reCAPTCHA script tag. Object {'recaptcha-v3-script': '', 'defer': ''}

Load options usage

To use the options just pass an additional object to the load(...) method. For example:

import { load } from 'recaptcha-v3'

load('<site key>', {
  useRecaptchaNet: true,
  autoHideBadge: true
}).then((recaptcha) => {


Explicit render parameters

The ReCaptcha widget will be explicity loaded, which means you can add parameters to the rendering process.

Name Description Type
container The container if you want to render the inline widget string or Element
badge The positioning for the widget 'bottomright' or 'bottomleft' or 'inline'
size The size of the widget 'invisible'
tabindex The tab index of the widget number

Wrapper libraries

Wrapper libraries are available for:

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