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A modern Apache Kafka® client for Node.js
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About the Project

KafkaJS is a modern Apache Kafka client for Node.js. It is compatible with Kafka 0.10+ and offers native support for 0.11 features.

KAFKA is a registered trademark of The Apache Software Foundation and has been licensed for use by KafkaJS. KafkaJS has no affiliation with and is not endorsed by The Apache Software Foundation.

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  • Producer
  • Consumer groups with pause, resume, and seek
  • Transactional support for producers and consumers
  • Message headers
  • GZIP compression
    • Snappy, LZ4 and ZSTD compression through pluggable codecs
  • Plain, SSL and SASL_SSL implementations
  • Support for SCRAM-SHA-256 and SCRAM-SHA-512
  • Support for AWS IAM authentication
  • Admin client

Getting Started

npm install kafkajs
# yarn add kafkajs


const { Kafka } = require('kafkajs')

const kafka = new Kafka({
  clientId: 'my-app',
  brokers: ['kafka1:9092', 'kafka2:9092']

const producer = kafka.producer()
const consumer = kafka.consumer({ groupId: 'test-group' })

const run = async () => {
  // Producing
  await producer.connect()
  await producer.send({
    topic: 'test-topic',
    messages: [
      { value: 'Hello KafkaJS user!' },

  // Consuming
  await consumer.connect()
  await consumer.subscribe({ topic: 'test-topic', fromBeginning: true })

  await consumer.run({
    eachMessage: async ({ topic, partition, message }) => {
        offset: message.offset,
        value: message.value.toString(),


Learn more about using KafkaJS on the official site!

Read something on the website that didn't work with the latest stable version?
Check the pre-release versions - the website is updated on every merge to master.


KafkaJS is an open-source project where development takes place in the open on GitHub. Although the project is maintained by a small group of dedicated volunteers, we are grateful to the community for bug fixes, feature development and other contributions.

See Developing KafkaJS for information on how to run and develop KafkaJS.

Help wanted 🤝

We welcome contributions to KafkaJS, but we also want to see a thriving third-party ecosystem. If you would like to create an open-source project that builds on top of KafkaJS, please get in touch and we'd be happy to provide feedback and support.

Here are some projects that we would like to build, but haven't yet been able to prioritize:

Contact 💬

Join our Slack community


See LICENSE for more details.


Apache Kafka and Kafka are either registered trademarks or trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation in the United States and other countries. KafkaJS has no affiliation with the Apache Software Foundation.



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