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    Methods for converting ascii values to txs, txBits and back.


    Install using npm:

    npm install @helixnetwork/converter

    or using yarn:

    yarn add @helixnetwork/converter

    API Reference

    The following data types are used in this packages: TxBits - which represents and array of bits, stored in a Int8Array object. TxBytes - which represents and array of unsigned bytes, stored in a Uint8Array object TxHex - which represents the hexadecima string, because of this should contain only 0-91-f and should have a even length.


    Param Type Description
    input string ascii input

    Converts an ascii encoded string to txs.

    How conversion works:

    An ascii value of 1 Byte can be represented in 2 hexadecimal characters:

    1. We get the decimal unicode value of an individual ASCII character this code can be represented in a Byte

    2. Decimal value is then converted into hexadecimal value


    Lets say we want to convert ascii character Z.

    1. Z has a decimal unicode value of 90.

    2. 90 in hexadecimal is 5a

    Therefore ascii character Z is represented as 5a in TxHex.

    Returns: string - string of txs


    Param Type Description
    txs string txs

    Converts txs of even length to an ascii string

    Returns: string - string in ascii


    Param Type Description
    input TxHex \ Number TxHex or value to be converted.

    Converts txs or values to txBits

    Returns: Int8Array - txBits


    Param Type
    hBits Int8Array

    Converts txBits to txs

    Returns: String - txs


    Param Type
    txBits Int8Array

    Converts txBits into an integer value


    Param Type
    value Number

    Converts an integer value to txBits

    Returns: Int8Array - txBits

    converter.toTxBytes(value, padding)

    Param Type Description
    value number Value that should be converted
    padding number Padding for the converted string

    Converts an integer value to byte array

    Returns: TxBytes - txBytes


    npm i @helixnetwork/converter

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