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Funnel Graph JS is a library for generating a funnel chart. It generates an SVG chart, adds labels, legend and other info. Some of the features include generating horizontal and vertical funnel charts, applying solid colors and gradients, possibility to generate a two-dimensional funnel chart.

SVG Two Dimensional Funnel Graph

FunnelGraph.js is also available as a Vue.js component: Vue Funnel Graph

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You can get the code by installing the NPM package, loading files from a CDN or downloading the repo.


Run the following script to install:

npm i funnel-graph-js


<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://unpkg.com/funnel-graph-js@1.3.9/dist/css/main.min.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://unpkg.com/funnel-graph-js@1.3.9/dist/css/theme.min.css">

<script src="https://unpkg.com/funnel-graph-js@1.3.9/dist/js/funnel-graph.min.js"></script>


Download the repo ZIP, add funnel-graph.js or funnel-graph.min.js, and main.css or main.min.css. Optionally add theme.min.css to include the styling for labels, legend etc. It is recommended to add the theme, to display the chart correctly.

FunnelGraph.js is built in a way that most of the styling is controlled by theme file, so it is possible to adapt every element to your design. The chart is a SVG element and colors property of the options controls the colors of the chart.


<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../dist/css/main.min.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../dist/css/theme.min.css">


<script src="../dist/js/funnel-graph.js"></script>


var graph = new FunnelGraph({
    container: '.funnel',
    gradientDirection: 'horizontal',
    data: {...},
    displayPercent: true,
    direction: 'horizontal'


You can choose how you want to display your data on funnel graph. You can display exact numbers, you can display percentages or both. The library will generate percentages automatically, taking the largest number as 100% and then calculating other numbers as a fraction of the largest number. For example: 12000, 5700 and 360 will be displayed as 47.5% and 3% (100% is skipped in order to avoid redundancy).

Provided values 12000 5700 360
Display values 12,000 5,700 360
Calculated percentages 47.5% 3%

If you want to hide percentages you set displayPercent to false:

    displayPercent: false

You can also display a vertical funnel graph:

    direction: 'vertical'

If you want to add a solid color to your funnel:

    color: '#FF5500'

And if you want a gradient:

    color: ['orange', 'red']

An array containing only one color will have the same effect as passing a single color as a string.

If you are using a gradient you can control the gradient direction using:

    gradientDirection: 'vertical' // defaults to 'horizontal'

There are 3 ways to define data for the funnel graph.

The most simple way is do define a data array:

data: [12000, 5700, 360]

this will create the data without any titles. However you can still display the values as percentages, as number or both.

If you want to add labels to your numbers pass an array of labels to data.

data: {
    labels: ['Impressions', 'Add To Cart', 'Buy'],
    colors: ['orange', 'red'],
    values: [12000, 5700, 360]

That most explicit way to add data to the funnel graph.

SVG Funnel Graph

If using one of those two ways, you can control the graph color using colors param. Otherwise, the default color will be used. And if you are using gradient as color, then you can control gradient direction with gradientDirection param. colors shall be passed inside data, while gradientDirection with other options.

data: {
    gradientDirection: 'horizontal'

Otherwise it defaults to horizontal (left to right).

Two-dimensional funnel graph

If you want to break down your data into more details, you can use two-dimensional svg funnel graph. It will generate a graph like this:

SVG Two Dimensional Funnel Graph

In this example we will add more details to the previous example. We have Impressions, Add To Cart and Buy data, however this time we also want to visualize the data sources. So we want to see the traffic sources, how much of them are direct, from ads and from social media.

data: {
    labels: ['Impressions', 'Add To Cart', 'Buy'],
    subLabels: ['Direct', 'Social Media', 'Ads'],
    colors: [
        ['#FFB178', '#FF78B1', '#FF3C8E'],
    values: [
        [2000, 4000, 6000],
        [3000, 1000, 1700],
        [200, 30, 130]

In a two-dimensional graph each segment shall have it's own color or gradient. If using a gradient the gradientDirection option will be applied to all of the segments. However all supported ways of defining colors in a simple funnel graph can be used here as well and you can have both solid colors and gradients applied to segments of a single graph. In the above example first segment, "Direct", will have a gradient, "Social Media" will have a solid red color, and "Ads" segment will have a solid blue.


Option Description Type Required Options Default Example
container Selector of the element that will hold the chart string Yes '.funnel-container'
direction Whether the chart visualization is displayed vertically or horizontally string No 'vertical', 'horizontal' 'horizontal'
gradientDirection Whether the gradient applied to the segments of the graph is displayed from top to bottom or from left to right string No 'vertical', 'horizontal' 'horizontal'
displayPercent Whether to display the automatically calculated percentage values below the labels boolean No true, false true
data Object containing information about values, labels and colors of the chart object Yes
width Width of the funnel graph number No Container width 800
height Height of the funnel graph number No Container height 300
subLabelValue Whether display percentage or real value of segment string No percent, raw percent


Method Description Example
makeVertical() Display chart vertically
makeHorizontal() Display chart horizontally
toggleDirection() Toggle direction of chart
gradientMakeVertical() Display gradient on all sections from top to bottom
gradientMakeHorizontal() Display gradient on all sections from left to right
gradientToggleDirection() Toggle direction of gradient on all sections
updateHeight() Update funnel graph height
updateWidth() Update funnel graph width
updateData({data}) Update funnel graph data labels: ['Stage 1', 'Stage 2', 'Stage 3']
update({options}) Update funnel options gradientDirection: 'horizontal', data: {...}, displayPercent: true, direction: 'horizontal', height: 300, width: 500

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