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In order to use react-echarts, all you need to do is install the npm package:

yarn add @hcorta/react-echarts

echarts and react are peerDependencies of react-echarts, you may install your own versions.


Apache ECharts is a free, powerful charting and visualization library offering intuitive, interactive, and highly customizable charts. It is written in pure JavaScript and based on zrender, a canvas library.

react-echarts is an abstraction wrapper built with React on top of Apache ECharts. Its main principles of are:

  1. Simplicty: react-echarts makes it easy to generate ECharts components by wrapping the code required to interact with the core library.
  2. Declarative: components are purely presentational.


<EChart />

To start using react-echarts, you just need to import the <EChart /> component from the root folder. Check the props section out for more info:

import { EChart } from '@hcorta/react-echarts'

function MyChart() {
  return (
        type: 'category'
        type: 'value',
        boundaryGap: [0, '30%']
          type: 'line',
          data: [
            ['2022-10-12', 750],
            ['2022-10-17', 300],
            ['2022-10-18', 100]


In case you need to have more control over the container being used by the library to render ECharts, a special hook useECharts is provided.

export const EChart: FC<EChartProps> = (props) => {
  const containerRef: Ref<HTMLDivElement> = useRef()

  useECharts({ containerRef, ...props })

  return (


While some props have been provided to facilitate specific use cases, most of them follow the Apache ECharts option schema. The following props, grouped by category, are available:


Prop Type Description Default
id {String} id of the container ''
className {String} Classname of the container ''
style {Object} Style object applied to the container null


Prop Type Description Default
notMerge {Boolean} Whether or not to merge with previous option false
lazyUpdate {Boolean} Whether or not to update chart immediately; false
theme {String} Theme to be applied. This can be a configuring object of a theme, or a theme name registered ''
group {String} Group name to be used in chart connection. ''
renderer {String} Supports 'canvas' or 'svg' 'svg'

Option keys props

Prop Type Description Default
title {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#title null
legend {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#legend null
grid {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#grid null
xAxis {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#xAxis null
yAxis {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#yAxis null
polar {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#polar null
radiusAxis {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#radiusAxis null
angleAxis {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#angleAxis null
radar {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#radar null
dataZoom {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#dataZoom null
visualMap {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#visualMap null
tooltip {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#tooltip null
brush {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#brush null
geo {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#geo null
parallel {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#parallel null
parallelAxis {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#parallelAxis null
singleAxis {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#singleAxis null
timeline {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#timeline null
graphic {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#graphic null
calendar {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#calendar null
dataset {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#dataset null
aria {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#aria null
series {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#series null
color {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#color null
backgroundColor {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#backgroundColor null
textStyle {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#textStyle null
animation {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#animation null
animationThreshold {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#animationThreshold null
animationDuration {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#animationDuration null
animationEasing {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#animationEasing null
animationDelay {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#animationDelay null
animationDurationUpdate {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#animationDurationUpdate null
blendMode {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#blendMode null
hoverLayerThreshold {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#hoverLayerThreshold null
useUTC {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#useUTC null
media {Object} https://echarts.apache.org/option.html#media null

For more detailed info, check the ECharts docs


Prop Type Description Default
onMount {Function} Callback to be called on first component mount. null
onUpdate {Function} Callback to be called whenever the component is updated. null
onUnmmount {Function} Callback to be called when the component is unmounted. null
onRendered {Function} Trigger when a frame rendered. Notice that the rendered event does not indicate that the animation finished null
onFinished {Function} Triggered when render finished, that is, when animation finished null
onClick {Function} Event of chart click. null
onDoubleClick {Function} Event of double chart click. null
onMouseDown {Function} Event of mouse down chart null
onMouseMove {Function} Event of mouse mouse chart null
onMouseUp {Function} Event of mouse up chart null
onMouseOver {Function} Event of mouse over chart null
onMouseOut {Function} Event of global out chart null
onGlobalOut {Function} Event of global out chart null
onContextMenu {Function} Event of context menu null
onHighlight {Function} Event of data highlight. null
onDownplay. {Function} Event of data downplay. null
onSelectChanged {Function} Event emitted when data selection is changed. null
onLegendSelectChanged {Function} Event emitted after legend selecting state changes. null
onLegendSelected {Function} Event emitted after legend is selected. null
onLegendUnselected {Function} Event emitted after unselecting legend. null
onLegendSelectAll {Function} Event emitted after all legends are selected. null
onLegendInverseSelect {Function} Event emitted after inversing all legends. null
onLegendScroll {Function} Event when trigger legend scroll. null
onDataZoom {Function} Event emitted after zooming data area. null
onDataRangeSelected {Function} Event emitted after range is changed in visualMap. null
onTimelineChanged {Function} Event emitted after time point in timeline is changed. null
onTimelinePlayChanged {Function} Switching event of play state in timeline. null
onRestore {Function} Resets option event. null
onDataViewChanged {Function} Changing event of data view tool in toolbox. null
onMagicTypeChanged {Function} Switching event of magic type tool in toolbox. null
onGeoSelectChanged {Function} Event emitted after selecting state changes. null
onGeoSelected {Function} Event after selecting. null
onGeoUnselected {Function} Cancels selected event. null
onAxisAreaSelected {Function} Selecting event of range of parallel axis. null
onFocusNodeadJacency {Function} Adjacent nodes highlight event in graph. null
onUnfocusNodeAdjacency {Function} Adjacent nodes reverse-highlight event in graph. null
onBrush {Function} Event triggered after action brush dispatched. null
onBrushEnd {Function} Event triggered after action brushEnd dispatched. null
onBrushSelected {Function} Notice what are selected. null
onGlobalCursorTaken {Function} - null


No one’s perfect. If you’ve found any errors, want to suggest enhancements, or expand on a topic, please feel free to open an Issue or collaborate by PR.

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