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    This module implements a publisher/subscription pattern with a twist.

    The main addition to the pattern is that the subscribe() function has an additional parameter trigger. When trigger is set to true, a subscription will immediately trigger a 'resend' of the last publish data on the topic being subscrribed to.

    create a Publisher

    A Publisher can be created as a base-class, by a mixin to a class, or for a specific object.


    The use as a base-class will not be common.

    function DerivedClass() {;
    Object.setPrototypeOf(DerivedClass.prototype, Publisher.prototype);

    mixin on a class

    The most common use will be as a mixin.

    function MixedInClass() {;

    mixin on an object

    Changing an object into a Publisher is not expected to be common.

    const obj = { data: 3 };

    use a Publisher

    Most of the functions in the publisher deal with the subscription to a topic. In the following examples, we assume there are 2 objects:

    • pub the publisher object, and
    • sub the subscriber object, and

    a topic 'my data', whish returns a single value.


    pub.publish('my data', 4);

    This call publishes the topic 'my data' to all subscriptions. It also stores that data in case a new subscription triggers a resend. So, this call might be usefull even if it is known that there can not be any subscribers yet.

    subscribe(topic, callback, trigger=false)

    Subscribe to a topic using

    // create and save the callback
    sub.cb = x => console.log('Just received', x);
    pub.subscribe('my data', sub.cb, true);
    // expect output
    // Just received 4

    The advantage of using trigger == true is an immediate initatization of the loosely coupled system.

    unsubscribe(topic, callback)

    To unsubscribe

    pub.unsubscribe('my data', sub.cb);

    once(topic, callback, trigger=false)

    To subscribe to a topic for one publication

    pub.once('my data', x => console.log('At last', x));
    // expect nothing because `trigger == false`
    pub.publish('my data', 5);
    // expect output
    // At last 5
    pub.publish('my data', 6);
    // expect nothing, there are no subscriptions anymore.

    Further Documentation

    The code in the file is easily readable, and well documented. The BitBucket repository has a JSDoc website.


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