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npm i @hazae41/xswr

Node Package 📦Read the docs 📚Next.js Example 🪣Expo Example 🪣Comparison with other libs 🌐

Philosophy 🧠

xswr uses two new approaches compared to other data fetching libraries like swr or react-query:

  1. Encapsulating key+fetcher+params in a single abstraction called schema.
  2. Composing features with very simple hooks instead of having bloated configuration and unexpected behaviors.

Features 🔥

Current features

  • 100% TypeScript and ESM
  • Composition-based hooks
  • Very easy learning curve
  • No dependency except React
  • Not over-engineered (hello react-query)
  • No unexpected behaviour (hello swr)
  • Backend agnostic fetching (REST, GraphQL, WebSocket)
  • Storage agnostic caching (new Map(), LocalStorage, IndexedDB)
  • Automatic refetching
  • Dependent and conditional queries
  • Request deduplication, cooldown, timeout, and expiration
  • Page-based and cursor-based pagination
  • Exponential backoff retry
  • SSR & ISR support
  • Optimistic mutations
  • Cancellable requests
  • Automatic cancellation
  • Automatic garbage collection
  • Per-query persistent storage
  • Out of the box IndexedDB and LocalStorage
  • Out of the box store normalization
  • Super natural React Suspense
  • React Native support

Upcoming features

  • Transport agnostic streaming (ethers.js, WebSockets,
  • Bidirectional scrolling

Installation 🔧

Just install @hazae41/xswr using your favorite package manager.

npm i @hazae41/xswr

Then, wrap your app in a CoreProvider component.

import { CoreProvider } from "@hazae41/xswr"

function MyWrapper() {
  return <CoreProvider>
    <MyAwesomeApp />

Your first mix 🧪

When using xswr and its composition-based hooks, you create a mix and only include the ingredients you want.

We'll do a request at /api/data using JSON, display it with a loading, and automatically refetch it.

Create a fetcher ⚡️

It will just take an url, fetch it, and return the data.

async function fetchAsJson<T>(url: string) {
  const res = await fetch(url)
  const data = await res.json() as T
  return { data }

Create a mix 🌪

Then create a mix using a query and some blocks.

function useHello() {
  const query = useQuery<Hello>(`/api/hello`, fetchAsJson)
  useFetch(query) // Fetch on mount and on url change
  useVisible(query) // Fetch when the page becomes visible
  useOnline(query) // Fetch when the browser becomes online

  return query

Use it in your components 🚀

function MyApp() {
  const { data, error } = useHello()

  if (error)
    return <MyError error={error} />
  if (!data)
    return <MyLoading />
  return <MyPage data={data} />

Advanced example 🗿

Last example was good, but here is the best way to use XSWR.

Making our fetcher cancellable ⚡️

Our fetcher was good, but this one can be aborted.

async function fetchAsJson<T>(url: string, more: FetcherMore<T>) {
  const { signal } = more

  const res = await fetch(url, { signal })

  if (!res.ok) {
    const error = new Error(await res.text())
    return { error }

  const data = await res.json() as T
  return { data }

It also returns an error if the request failed.

Defining schemas 📐

Using schemas may seems boilerplate, but it will save you a lot of time later.

function getHelloSchema() {
  return getSchema<Hello>("/api/hello", fetchAsJson)

It allows you to reuse the same set of key+fetcher+params in multiple places, including imperative code.

Creating mixtures 🧪

The mixtures pattern allows you to reuse the same group of blocks.

function useAutoFetchMixture(query: Query) {

Mixing it 🌪

Once you got a schema and a mixture, you just have to mix it.

function useHelloMix() {
  const query = useSchema(getHelloSchema, [])
  return query

Use it in your app 🚀

function MyApp() {
  const { data, error } = useHelloMix()

  if (error)
    return <MyError error={error} />
  if (!data)
    return <MyLoading />
  return <MyPage data={data} />

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