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Client Package (Deprecated in favour of client-ws)

@harmonyhub/client is a package of the harmonyhub library for interacting with a Logitech Harmony Hub.

It is based upon @swissmanu harmonyhubjs-client Which was based upon @jterraces awesome Harmony protocol guide. harmonyhubjs-client provides an extended protocol guide for the interested ones.


npm install @harmonyhub/client


Enhancements over the harmonyhubjs-client package are the following

  • added typings to the harmonyhub response data for easing development with typescript
  • rewrite to class style
  • replacement of Q library with native nodejs Promises (dep reduction) also means that if you switch from harmonyhubjs-client package to mine you need to adjust how you are dealing with your promises (switch to official spec)
  • update of dependencies to newer packages (0 security issues by npm audit)
  • incorporation of @patters bug fix of MAX_CLIENTS=6 error


import { getHarmonyClient } from '@harmonyhub/client';

async function run(): Promise<void> {
  const harmonyClient = await getHarmonyClient('');

  const encodedAction = `{"command"::"VolumeUp","type"::"IRCommand","deviceId"::"27633596"}`;
  const dt_press = `action=${encodedAction}:status=press`;
  const dt_release = `action=${encodedAction}:status=release`;

  try {
    const commands = await harmonyClient.getAvailableCommands();
    console.log('commands', commands);
    await harmonyClient.send('holdAction', dt_press);
    await harmonyClient.send('holdAction', dt_release);
  } catch(error) {
    console.error('Error', error.message);

  err => console.log(err)

This example connects to a Harmony hub available on the IP As soon as the the connection is established, isOff() checks if the equipment is turned off. If off, the activity with the name Watch TV is started. If on, all devices are turned off.

Debug Traces

@harmonyhub/client uses debug for generating traces throughout its execution time. Activate them by setting the DEBUG environment variable:

$ DEBUG=harmonyhub:client* node example.js

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