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    👩‍🎨 Generate a harmonographs X and Y coordinates


    npm install @harmonograph/xy

    Get started

    The harmonograph is a mechanical apparatus that uses pendulums to create a geometric image. This function uses the drawing time, size and pendulums to create X and Y coordinates for a harmonograph.

    If you wish to draw the harmonograph for use on a website you can use @harmonograph/svg or @harmonograph/canvas.

    Create harmonograph XY coordinates

    const generateHarmonographXY = require('@harmonograph/xy');
    const harmonograph = generateHarmonographXY(
        amplitude: 200, frequency: 2.985, phase: 2.054, damping: 0.001
        amplitude: 200, frequency: 3.006, phase: 1.820, damping: 0.008
        amplitude: 200, frequency: 3.003, phase: 2.283, damping: 0.001
        amplitude: 200, frequency: 1.994, phase: 1.155, damping: 0.001

    This returns an object containing an array of X and Y coordinates. When drawn these points create a harmonograph.

      x: [1, 2, 3],
      y: [1, 3, 9]

    Create randomised harmonograph XY coordinates

    const generateHarmonographXY = require('@harmonograph/xy');
    const {randomPendulums} = require('@harmonograph/xy');
    const harmonograph = generateHarmonographXY(150, 700, randomPendulums());


    Option Description Default value Type
    drawingTime How long the pendulum swings in seconds 150 number
    size The size of the svg 700 number
    pendulums Two pendulums require four items ( x, y and x, y ). Each X and Y value is an object that contains amplitude, frequency, phase, and damping ( see pendulum options below ) random values array

    Pendulums object

    Parameter Description Default value Type
    pendulum.amplitude How far a pendulum swings back and forth, must be from 0 - 360 degrees random number number
    pendulum.frequency How fast a pendulum swings back and forth, for best results use decimal values around 2 and 3 random number number
    pendulum.phase The rate that a pendulum loses its energy, or slows down, must be from 0 to π random number number
    pendulum.damping The offset from the normal starting position of a pendulum, must be from 0 to 0.01 random number number

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    npm i @harmonograph/xy

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