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    Hack Oregon Housing Project 2016-2017 Season

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    This is a clone of the Hack Oregon Starter kit.


    1. Get Node 6.5 + - I recommend using Node Version Manager:
    2. git clone https://github.com/hackoregon/team-budget-frontend.git.
    3. nvm install 6.9.5 and nvm use (sets your node version)
    4. install yarn (using yarn instead of npm for installing dependencies will help keep versions in sync more easily), and run yarn from inside the repo to install dependencies.
    5. npm start - start dev mode (watching tests + linter)
    6. npm test - run tests
    7. npm run coverage - run tests w/ coverage

    Note: When developing, go to http://localhost:3000/collection/housing in order to see the project's index route.

    Using the Component Library in your project

    The component libary has been installed as a dependency from an npm build, make sure the version in package.json matches the latest version in the component library repo to have access to all the latest components. (https://www.npmjs.com/package/@hackoregon/component-library)

    To use a component in your project, import the precompiled component from the lib folder

    Example: importing the StoryCard component from the component library

    import StoryCard from '@hackoregon/component-library/lib/StoryCard/StoryCard';

    Publishing to NPM

    The project uses semver and will be published on NPM for consumption in civic-platform. Run the following commands sequentially:

      $ npm run bump # will provide you a prompt for version bumps & automatic git tagging + tag README with current version
      $ npm publish  # will publish to npm


    npm i @hackoregon/civic-housing

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