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Prepadawans Challenge Generator

Prepadawans is the selected name for those who are trying to be selected as participants in the Hackademy's Bootcamp. This project is to automate the creation of the challenges they have to solve to be eligible for the boot camp.


You may install this as a global dependency for npm, so you can execute it later as a usual command.

npm i -g @hackademymx/challenges-generator


After installing the package, you have to execute it wherever you want to create the challenges folder.


It will prompt for a generation number or alias, and then create the folder with the challenges inside.

Automatic GitHub Repo Creation

If you have the environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN, then a GitHub repo will be created for you to upload the challenges. Keep in mind that this created repo is built with the template option enabled, so you can share easily with GitHub Classroom. You may change this setting in the created repo settings section.

If you want to know how to create the token click here. We only need read:user, repo, user:email, workflow in scopes.

Generated Folder Structure

Inside the generated folder structure, there will be 7 folders, each one represents one isolated challenge. Inside each challenge folder, you will find the README with the particular challenge instructions.

IMPORTANT The tests we use to automate the exercises are not perfectly parsed yet, so you have to make sure they are correct before uploading them. Also, you may try to solve the challenges to verify everything is correct too.

If you want to see the status of the complete parsed tests feature, click here.


Feel free to write an issue or create a PR if you think something can be done better.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Edabit for creating such an amazing platform and sharing their challenges to the world. 🎉

According to the Edabit terms of service (, forking and editing content is allowed:

In submitting Content, including authored challenges, you agree to allow others to view, fork and edit your Content.

Thanks to @MikeFranco who helped me creating the edabit web scraper that we used to automate the creation of the challenges.

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