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    Guild SDK for TypeScript | WIP

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    The Guild SDK library is a Typescript library for interacting with the Guild API. This document explains how to authenticate, manage your Guilds easily and automate token-gated access in any application with this SDK.

    Guild.xyz is the membership layer protocol for web3 communities, making community management easy and interoperable between platforms.

    Check out our API documentation for more information about guilds, roles and what is possible: https://docs.guild.xyz/guild/guild-api-alpha

    Developed and maintained by the @agoraxyz team. Twitter: https://twitter.com/agora_xyz Webpage: https://agora.xyz GitHub: https://github.com/agoraxyz


    To install our SDK on Node.js, open your terminal and run:

    npm i @guildxyz/sdk

    Importing the package and specific types

    import { guild, role, user } from "@guildxyz/sdk";
    // To simplify the authentication, we implemented the whole flow, you just have to provide a signing function from your library (like ethers or web3react). Check the examples below.
    // ethers.js signing method example
    import { ethers } from "ethers";
    const ethersWallet =
      ethers.Wallet.createRandom() || ethers.Wallet.fromMnemonic("");
    const walletAddress = ethersWallet.address;
    const signerFunction = (signableMessage: string | Bytes) =>
    // Web3React signing method example
    import { useWeb3React } from "@web3-react/core";
    const { account: walletAddress, library } = useWeb3React();
    const signerFunction = (signableMessage: string | Bytes) =>
    // The walletAddress here is equals always with the signer's address
    await guild.get(guildId); // Get Guild by ID (detailed)
    await guild.get(urlName); // Get Guild by url name (detailed) - for example "our-guild"
    await guild.getAll(); // Get All Guilds basic information
    await guild.getUserAccess(guildId, userAddress); // Access checking for an address for a specific Guild
    await guild.getUserMemberships(guildId, userAddress); // User current memberships for the given Guild
    await guild.create(walletAddress, signerFunction, createGuildParams); // Create a guild with specific params - check the example below
    await guild.update(guildId, walletAddress, signerFunction, updateGuildParams); // Update a guild with the given params
    await guild.delete(guildId, walletAddress, signerFunction); // Remove a guild by ID
    await guild.join(guildId, walletAddress, signerFunction); // Enables to join a user to the accessible roles in a Guild
    await role.get(roleId); // Get Role by ID
    await role.create(walletAddress, signerFunction, createRoleParams); // Create a role for an existing Guild
    await role.update(roleId, walletAddress, signerFunction, updateRoleParams); // Update a role with the given params
    await role.delete(roleId, walletAddress, signerFunction); // Remove a role by ID
    await user.getMemberships(userAddress); // Returns every Guild and Role of a given user


    You can create an index.html file and include our SDK with:

    <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@guildxyz/sdk"></script>

    Quick Start flow from Create Guild to Join

    import { guild } from "@guildxyz/sdk";
    import { ethers } from "ethers";
    // Creating a random wallet for the example
    const wallet = ethers.Wallet.createRandom();
    // Wrapping the signer function from ethers.js
    const sign = (signableMessage: string | Bytes) =>
    // Creating a Guild
    const myGuild = await guild.create(
      wallet.address, // You have to insert your own wallet here
        name: "My New Guild",
        description: "Cool stuff", // Optional
        imageUrl: "", // Optional
        theme: [{ mode: "DARK", color: "#000000" }], // Optional
        roles: [
            name: "My First Role",
            logic: "AND",
            requirements: [
                type: "ALLOWLIST",
                data: {
                  addresses: [
            name: "My Second Role",
            logic: "OR",
            requirements: [
                type: "ERC20",
                chain: "ETHEREUM",
                address: "0xf76d80200226ac250665139b9e435617e4ba55f9",
                data: {
                  amount: 1,
                type: "ERC721",
                chain: "ETHEREUM",
                address: "0x734AA2dac868218D2A5F9757f16f6f881265441C",
                data: {
                  amount: 1,
    // Joining to a Guild if any role is accessible by the given address
    await user.join(myGuild.id, wallet.address, sign);

    Authentication Overview

    One of the most common problems with digital signature-based authentication systems is the replay attack. We have developed a new authentication method against this vulnerability, which both ensures the integrity of the request independent of TLS encapsulation (HTTPS) and protects against replay based attacks. This ensures protection from the signature service (Wallet client) all the way to the API.

    Example for Authentication only with ethers.js

    import { prepareBodyWithSign } from "@guildxyz/sdk";
    import { ethers } from "ethers";
    const wallet = ethers.Wallet.createRandom(); // You have to insert your own wallet here
    const sign = (signableMessage: string | Bytes) =>
    //Prepare body for request without payload
    const bodyWithoutPayload = await prepareBodyWithSign(wallet.address, sign);
    // {"payload":{},"validation":{"address":"0xea66400591bf2485907749f71615128238f7ef0a","addressSignedMessage":"0xddc0d710043a232b430a3678d76367489b8f6c329e27e81795e75efb4744289034fdc4f7284e37b791609b0e1d76bf9a1837db2a3adf158e31a37ac6c91656511c","nonce":"0x26bb7d4c941aec37b239dbf6850e149faace8df740809c8f989c270f2a543c51","random":"wrETMso/e9YiMloSSeEusgMuoaVirTuIPfkzYGkDv7w=","timestamp":"1646265565126"}}
    //Prepare body for request with payload
    const bodyWithPayload = await prepareBodyWithSign(wallet.address, sign, {
      guildId: 1234,
    // {"payload":{"guildId":1234},"validation":{"address":"0xea66400591bf2485907749f71615128238f7ef0a","addressSignedMessage":"0x544855fc7c34b2411d74b45395ae59e87b6be10c15598a12446f3b0b0daf25f501ad8532a6420f9c8288724df2e03c14068786260a2eaaa9938e31318034fe1b1b","hash":"0xd24a3714283ef2c42428e247e76d4afe6bb6f4c73b10131978b877bc78238aa9","nonce":"0x3c3b72ba441b2740682d8974d96df2f61f3b9d49235d97ff6d5fd50373b2429c","random":"vrCxwqgt0ml9bF9z3Pxg9j9te1v0VU/9Yx9oFkfm84k=","timestamp":"1646267441728"}}


    npm i @guildxyz/sdk



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