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This plugin adds the ability to have ranges added to the document that expand and contract around dependent on the input. These notes are represented as marks in the document.

Very basic demo here


npm install prosemirror-noting


Add the mark to the schema

const mySchema = new Schema({
  marks: Object.assign({}, marks, {
    note: createNoteMark(
        note: "span.note",
      (meta) => ({
        class: meta.hidden ? "note--collapsed" : "",
        title: "My Title",
        contenteditable: !meta.hidden,

Add the plugin to the state

const historyPlugin = history();
const noterPlugin = noter(mySchema.marks.note, doc, historyPlugin);

new EditorView(document.querySelector("#editor"), {
  state: EditorState.create({
    doc: DOMParser.fromSchema(mySchema).parse(
    plugins: [
        F10: toggleNote("note"),

And import the css (if needed) from prosemirror-noting/dist/noting.css.


createNoteMark(typeTagMap: string | object, attrGenerator: function): MarkType

Returns a mark to be added to the schema.

  • typeTagMap - if this is passed with an object it expects a map between a "note type" and a dom tag (e.g. { note: "span.note"}). Otherwise if a string is passed it will expect that string to be simply a tag name and the type will default to a type of note. Good for styling.
  • attrGenerator - this will run when rendering the note to add derived DOM attributes from the meta data.

toggleNote(type: string = "note", cursorToEnd = false): CommandFunction

Returns a command used for toggling notes based on the cursor position.

  • type - this will use the type to decide which note type to toggle if there are more than one.
  • cursorToEnd - this will make the cursor skip to after the note when adding a new note

Toggle note works in the following way:

  • Selections
    • Completely inside a note - will slice the note
    • Completely outside a note - will add a note
    • Part inside and part outside - will extend the note
  • Cursor
    • Inside a note - will remove the note
    • Outside a note - will start a note

toggleAllNotes(type: string): CommandFunction

Returns a command used for toggling all notes.

  • type - this will use the type to decide which note type to toggle if there are more than one.

setNoteMeta(id: string, meta: object): CommandFunction

Returns a command to set the meta for a note id

  • id - the string id of the note to edit.
  • meta - an object that will be assigned to the current meta (i.e. will not overwrite keys it does not contain).

noter(markType: MarkType, historyPlugin: Plugin, onNoteCreate: function = () => {}): Plugin

Returns the plugin to add to prosemirror

  • markType - the mark type that is being used in the schema to handle the notes.
  • historyPlugin - pass the history plugin to handle undo / redo.
  • onNoteCreate - a callback that is called when a new note is added to the document.


  • Add in collapsing as a config option, currently there are some overlapping concerns here (meta.hidden manually having to be set in the schema setup)
  • Better documentation
  • Use proper plugin state in order to expose the state of the notes
  • Better CSS / decorations




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