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A basic (JS) client for Automat. If you are reading this and don't know what Automat is, this library is probably not useful for you.

Local dev

Watch for changes

$ yarn dev

Point a project to your local version of automat-client

With yarn link you can develop against a locally checked out version of this client:

In your local checkout of automat-client:

$ yarn link

And then in the project consuming the client:

$ yarn link "@guardian/automat-client"

To revert back to using the published version of the package:

$ yarn unlink "@guardian/automat-client"
$ yarn install --force

NOTE: Ensure you build this library before adding it locally to your project, by running yarn build.


On your feature branch, increment the version in the package.json file. Once we hit version 1 we should use semver when doing this.

Once the feature branch is merged into master, run:

yarn publishToNPM

This will build and then publish to NPM.

You should then push your (updated) master to origin.

You can then update the clients!

Note: you'll need to be part of the @guardian org on npm to do this.
Speak to a suitable person if you don't have access.




npm i @guardian/automat-client

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