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GrowCss Image

Speedy, optimized images without the work.

It provides the fastest, most optimized image loading performance possible for React websites.

Out of the box it

  • Loads the optimal size of image for each device size and screen resolution
  • Holds the image position while loading so your page doesn’t jump around as images load
  • Uses the “blur-up” effect i.e. it loads a tiny version of the image to show while the full image is loading
  • Alternatively provides a “traced placeholder” SVG of the image.
  • Lazy loads images which reduces bandwidth and speeds the initial load time
  • Uses WebP images if browser supports the format


npm install @growcss/image

or if you're using yarn

yarn add @growcss/image


To implement Image component into your project you'll need to add the import:

import {Image} from '@growcss/image';

After adding import into your project you can use it simply like:

<Image alt="your alt text" src="your image" />

GrowCss Image srcSet

The srcSet attribute is a string consisting of one or more image selection strings separated by commas. Each image selection string is composed of:

  1. A url to an image
  2. One or more spaces as a separator
  3. One or more descriptors separated by spaces
    • width descriptor: a positive integer directly followed by 'w'. e.g. 700w
    • height descriptor: a positive integer directly followed by 'h'. e.g. 345h
    • pixel density descriptor: a positive floating point number directly followed by 'x'. e.g. 2.0x
    • media descriptor: used for the media type in source element

GrowCss image extends the <Image srcSet="..."> feature by allowing multiple descriptors for an image and mixed descriptors in a single srcSet.

Example image srcSet

srcSet="foo-s.jpg 150w, foo-sh.jpg 150w 2.0x, foo-m.jpg 405w, foo-mh 2.0x 405w, foo-l 1024w, foo-t 500w 750h media=(min-width: 300px)"

Automatic Density

If none of the image selection strings includes a pixel density descriptor ('x' e.g. 4.0x), then the image selection process will automatically compensate for the viewport's pixel density.

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