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    This project contain different antD components

    • Modal
    • Search Form
    • EmptyImage
    • Header
    • HomeView
    • ListWrapper 2x
    • LoadMore List
    • Menu
    • Router
    • Search View
    • Table Wrapper

    Showcase is a project where we trying to incorporate two major tasks:

    1. show to a new users a collection of grocery lists - before they sign up - they want to explore the data that we have
    2. figure out the way about making GL downloable by generating a simple PDF file

    Our first goal to create a flexible set of components, that will became a wrapper for any basic project with antd library, that will display our grocery list data.

    Build Status

    While we're coding it - we also extending the code base of GS, by testing fetch plugin, by moving away basic components, like lists, grocerylist component, etc...

    Major goals for this project are -

    • separate an in-development components that we want to use as part of our groceristar project
    • make it less confusing and less requiring a lot of attention about keeping in mind what exactly we did before

    Stretch goals:

    • [ ] install and connect Raven at index.js

    • [ ] adjust logic of envconfig and try to connect to our local/shared servers

    • [ ] make first axios calls and be happy to receive json results

    • [ ] connect to our simple fake-api that i've created...

    • [ ] should work with ant List module

    • [ ] eslint and fix!

    • [ ] small clean project with just react - components and antd

    • fix showcase template project

    • [ ] remove reqwest package

    • [ ] add export of Cards from this package. because cards its cards

    use https://github.com/standard/standard

    • [ ] Use preBuild checking for tests and stuff

    • [ ] delete when webpack switch to babel@core 7 "babel-preset-es2015": "^6.24.1",

    https://ant.design/components/divider/ https://ant.design/components/table/ https://ant.design/components/modal/ https://ant.design/components/skeleton/ https://ant.design/components/menu/ https://ant.design/components/layout/ https://ant.design/components/card/ https://www.producthunt.com/posts/average-cookbook




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