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    Sass foundation

    This repository represents our starting point for creating sane, scalable and maintainable CSS.

    💪 It’s empowered by:

    • Aigis (styleguide generator)
    • SassDoc (code documentation)
    • Gemini (utility for visual regression testing)

    📚 Uses the following libraries by default:

    🙏 Obeys those principles:

    Have fun! ✌️

    Wait, how am I supposed to use it?

    Primarily it’s meant to be downloaded, extracted and used as a starting point that will grow/adjust from time to time while you work with it.

    ℹ️ Meanwhile see the wiki for additional recipes on how to use this foundation.

    Build setup

    # install dependencies
    npm install
    # builds the css files
    npm run build
    # builds the css files in production mode (compressed)
    npm run build:prod
    # generates the styleguide
    npm run styleguide
    # generates the code documentation
    npm run docs
    # shows some statistics about the compiled css
    npm run stats
    # watches the sass files for changes and builds them automatically
    # including the styleguide and the docs
    npm run watch
    # run visual regression tests and markup validation after css has been build
    # and styleguide has been generated
    npm run test
    # checks the markup validity (of the styleguide or the files you’ve specified)
    npm run test:html
    # run visual regression tests only (doesn’t build and update styleguide beforehand)
    npm run test:visual


    npm i @gridonic/sass

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