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    The Grid

    A CSS Grid based on the flex display property written entirely in Sass respecting the rscss system.


    npm install --save @gridonic/grid


    All you need to remember is rowcolumn → your content.

    Responsive modifiers (e.g. -xs, -sm, -md etc.) enable you to specify different column sizes, offsets, alignments and distributions at different viewports. Those modifiers may differ depending on your configuration.


    Depending on your build process you can import the grid as easily as this:

    // You want to customize the grid?
    // Put your variables before the import in order to override the 
    // default settings.
    $grid-columns: 24;
    $grid-gutter-width: 10px 20px 40px; // Responsive gutter width
    $grid-outer-margin: 0.625rem 1.125rem; // Responsive outer margin
    @import "~@gridonic/grid";

    If your build process does not support resolving the ~ you may need to write it like that:

    @import "../path-to-your-node_modules/@gridonic/grid";


    Below you see the default configuration values.

    // Set the number of columns you want to use in your layout.
    $grid-columns: 12;
    // Set the gutter size between columns. You may provide a list of
    // values for each breakpoint.
    // If there are more breakpoints than values in your list, the last
    // value will be used for all remaining breakpoints.
    $grid-gutter-width: 30px;
    // Set a margin for the container sides. This may also be a list of
    // values. See gutter width for explanation.
    $grid-outer-margin: 15px;
    // Set the breakpoints for the grid. You should always provide at
    // least one breakpoint without a resolution. This one will be used for
    // naming of the initial classes.
    $grid-breakpoints: (
        xs: null,
        sm: 576px,
        md: 768px,
        lg: 992px,
        xl: 1200px
    // Set the maximum width for the container. There is a class
    // modifier available to disable the maximum width in case you don’t
    // need it. See the official documentation for details.
    $grid-max-width: 1440px;
    // Set the prefix for all grid related classes. Use this in case you
    // have conflicting class names.
    $grid-classes-prefix: "grid-";


    This grid is heavily inspired by the work of @kristoferjoseph and @hugeinc. Thank you guys! ❤️



    npm i @gridonic/grid

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