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    Gridonic Client Services

    A service library for our projects respecting application boundaries and encapsulating dependencies.

    It works best for projects created with @gridonic/cli.


    The library is designed to provide services used repeatedly in projects.

    • Provides interfaces for each exported service and model
    • The services are mostly independent from each other, so they can be added selectively to the projects
    • Written in typescript


    • Standardizes our projects by using interfaces for common services and models
    • Encapsulates dependencies, making it possible to replace them easier if needed
    • No magic or restrictions: services can be extended, copied or completely replaced if they are not suiting the project
    • Only used services get compiled into project

    Usage in Projects

    Services can be imported selectively into a project. It is recommended to do all imports in one file in each project and exporting the types. This prevents the code from being cluttered with import statements from this library.

    Developing the library

    Local project setup

    Install dependencies

    npm install

    Run unit tests

    npm run test

    Lints and fixes files

    npm run lint


    When ready to release, execute the following steps, given that all changes are commited in the master branch:

    • List changes in the CHANGELOG.md
    • Bump your version and automatically create a git tag with npm version <type>, where type is patch, minor or major
    • Push the master branch git push and the tags git push --tags
    • Create a release in github. A github action will then automatically publish the package to npm


    • Every service must be documented
    • Every service must implement an interface
    • Every service must be unit-tested




    npm i @gridonic/client-services

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