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    Angular Flex-CSS-Layout

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    Flex-CSS-Layout is an alternative behaviour of Flex-Layout directives, that will still work with Angular Universal and App Shell. It is not meant to replace Flex-Layout. You can freely use both modules on your needs.

    The Flex-CSS-Layout engine intelligently generates internal style sheets(inside of <style> tags) rather than inline styles and leaves the CSS Media queries to be responsible of the layout.

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    To install this library, run:

    $ npm install @greg-md/ng-flex-css-layout --save

    How It Works

    Please read Flex-Layout wiki first.

    To take advantage of Flex-CSS-Layout features, you will have to change the prefix of Flex-Layout directives from fx to fc(which is FlexCss).

    Flex-CSS-Layout currently supported directives(including Responsive API):

    Flex-Layout Flex-CSS-Layout
    fxLayout fcLayout
    fxLayoutAlign fcLayoutAlign
    fxLayoutGap fcLayoutGap
    fxFlex fcFlex
    fxFlexOrder fcFlexOrder
    fxFlexOffset fcFlexOffset
    fxFlexAlign fcFlexAlign
    fxFlexFill fcFlexFill
    fxShow fcShow + fcDisplayDefault
    fxHide fcHide + fcDisplayDefault

    Note: In some specific cases fc* directives may have different results than fx* directives. See Breakpoints Priorities.

    A new attribute fcDisplayDefault was provided for fcShow and fcHide directives, that will apply when no display style could be found for the element. Useful for SSR.

    Setting up in a module

    import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser';
    import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
    // 1. Import FlexCssModule;
    import { FlexCssModule } from '@greg-md/ng-flex-css-layout';
    import { AppComponent } from './app.component';
      imports: [
        // 2. Register FlexCssModule providers in root module;
        // 3. Import FlexCssModule directives to specific modules.
      declarations: [AppComponent],
      bootstrap: [AppComponent]
    export class AppModule { }

    Using in views

    <div fcLayout="column">
      <div fcFlex="33">One</div>
      <div fcFlex="33%" [fcLayout]="direction">
        <div fcFlex="22%">Two One</div>
        <div fcFlex="205px">Two Two</div>
        <div fcFlex="30">Two Three</div>
      <div fcFlex>Three</div>

    Breakpoints Priorities

    By default, breakpoints with smaller range and that applies on smaller screens have higher priority. See the next schema:

    Breakpoints Priorities

    How this looks in the code:

    export const FLEX_CSS_DEFAULT_BREAKPOINTS: Breakpoint[] = [
      { alias: 'gt-xs', media: ['screen', '(min-width: 600px)'] },
      { alias: 'lt-xl', media: ['screen', '(max-width: 1919px)'] },
      { alias: 'gt-sm', media: ['screen', '(min-width: 960px)'] },
      { alias: 'lt-lg', media: ['screen', '(max-width: 1279px)'] },
      { alias: 'gt-md', media: ['screen', '(min-width: 1280px)'] },
      { alias: 'lt-md', media: ['screen', '(max-width: 959px)'] },
      { alias: 'gt-lg', media: ['screen', '(min-width: 1920px)'] },
      { alias: 'lt-sm', media: ['screen', '(max-width: 599px)'] },
      { alias: 'xl',    media: ['screen', '(min-width: 1920px)', '(max-width: 5000px)'] },
      { alias: 'lg',    media: ['screen', '(min-width: 1280px)', '(max-width: 1919px)'] },
      { alias: 'md',    media: ['screen', '(min-width: 960px)', '(max-width: 1279px)'] },
      { alias: 'sm',    media: ['screen', '(min-width: 600px)', '(max-width: 959px)'] },
      { alias: 'xs',    media: ['screen', '(max-width: 599px)'] },

    If you want to reverse the priority, or change it as you want, you can redefine it in the module instantiation:

    // Define new breakpoints directly.
    // Or, provide a callable.
    FlexCssModule.forRoot(breakpoints => [].concat(breakpoints).reverse());


    MIT © Grigorii Duca

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