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    Gravity Forms Storybooks

    The Gravity Forms storybook system, for both vanilla js and React components. Includes Storybooks for each type.


    Install the module

    npm install @gravityforms/storybooks

    Note: This package requires node 16.13.0 or later, and npm 8.1.0 or later.


    This storybook system is where we build both our plain JavaScript and React based components used in the Gravity Forms UI. It uses two Storybooks, one for the HTML components, and one for the React ones.

    Hosting for these storybooks is coming soon. For now this is internal to our team.

    It generates the published library @gravityforms/components.

    Working on Storybooks (Only Gravity Forms Devs)

    If you would like to dev on the Storybooks locally, you must npm install in this dir, then run npm run storybook:html in one terminal, or run npm run storybook:react. This will launch your browser with either storybook ready to develop on.

    Once you complete any component work and want to use it in our main javascript bundles from the @gravityforms/components package, you must run npm run export:components in this or the root directory of the project first. Note that export task is run on both dist and release tasks as well in the gulp tasks package, and those files are ignored.

    If you encounter issues with storybook and you get the error cannot GET in your browser, try running the script one time with --no-manager-cache flag.


    npm i @gravityforms/storybooks

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